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Can't hook to DWM in Windows 10 OS build 10586.36 but transparency


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Hi I wanted to ask why I don't have blur in my title bar at all.

But before anything, I just wanted to say that the "AeroGlass doesn't know how to hook up on your DWM" message is still appearing on mine. And I don't know why, Is it because of incompatible OS build on the latest build (I am in Windows 10 Version 1511 - the November update. And the OS build is in 10586.36 now after some small cumulative updates)
Is cumulative updates are not recommended to be installed to ensure that AeroGlass will still run on your OS? Or is just a matter or working on symbols and modules to get it working again?
Or is it because of incompatible DWM version on the AeroGlass. Is there anyone here who is willing to teach me on how to download these modules from Microsoft and to how to reinject them or install (I guess that's the right term) The guide doesn't say all and I didn't understand anything, I even red the Microsoft documentation that is been linked, and I didn't understand it also at all. Do I need Visual Studio for debugging?  Do I need to type some codes in the command prompt to download that?  Is there anyone who are really willing to explain this (in a not complicated language) all to me and give a step by step to resolve that DWM and get everything working all right and get that beautiful eye candy. I am a fast learner, I can modify some registry and I am used to some command prompt codes, some administrative access and some management so please all I need is a guide. I know this software is reserved only very advanced users, but I am already a advanced user. So please I just need someone to teach me how to do this. Also what does the zip in experimental builds supposed to do, is it supposed to replace the dll files on the AeroGlass directory whenever WU messes with things and changes something in a update? I am using the AeroGlass for Windows 8.1x+ 1.4.1 in Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

On the design : I just have a transparent title bar (both on the Win32 apps and the modern apps) that can be modified both the transparency and the color using the GUI tool, and modifying it on registry also works too. But the blur doesn't work at all, I tried even changing the sliders on the GUI tool to see if the blur will work but it doesn't, also I tried setting the BlurDeviation to 30 on registry but it just doesn't work. Also is it really normal that the machine code message will popup every single time, also the AeroGlass doesn't know how to hook up on your DWM message. If not how to hide that, especially the machine code message?

Also Modern apps title bar transparency is a bit weird. It doubles the title bar text and also (I think) the close, restore down/maximize and the minimize. Here it is 


Here is the imgur gallery here to show some useful screenshots for those who are willing to help me:

PS: Something just popuped and it's a command prompt. And I think it's downloading the symbols that the message is saying but I don't know what this all means 


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