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Windows 7 uninstall M$ bloatware


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Guys, I wonder, what you will recommend me to reduction of the Win7 x64 footprint. I just use them on small 30G testing SSD, and set too little size for the OS partition ... and now I need the NET Framework install and the **** things took 11G in size (Windows directory).

There are PLENTY of software that beg for removal. However even that I unchecked the Windows programs in the control pannel, they are STILL HERE, on the drive. For example IExplorer 8. The machine is not even conected to the net...!

Also in Windows directory, there is directory "assembly" and it contain obviously developer tools - and I'm not going to learn assembly (not x86 assembly anyway), so... I want (need) to ger RID OF THIS CRAP.

The catch is, that I cannot delete these unwanted programs as I used to do in Windows XP. In WinXP, I get into the dllfiles directory, deleted all the backup files and then replace the sfc_os.dll and sfcfiles.dll with own DLLs, that disabled the WFP and then I can delete anything. When locked, just rename and on next reboot it can be deleted. Etc. 500MB WinXP is quite possible.

So, how to achieve that in Windows 7 x64...? Are there apps that can help? I already unchecked EVERYTHING in the controll pannel, but nothing get off the drive, so... pls help!

Yes, I tried CCleaner. So... how to slim this fat Win down...???

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The SxS crap has to do with microsoft's inability to keep a contract.


In essence, if you release some sort of DLL interface, such as 3DCTL, or VBRUN100, then people write programs to interface with these, and you are not supposed to break this interface.  So when they started to change the interface, it created a thing called DLL hell. 


Of course, these DLLs were meant to go into the windows directory, so you can have six or seven different incompatibable versions of the same DLL, each with its own set of dependent DLL files.  So was born the DLL MAZE, called assemblies.  This maze consist of a nest of directories, each meant to have a matched set of DLLs so that programs can use ver 4.2 of that DLL or 4.7 or 5.0 or whatever, each designed to support a different set of 'run or break' programs. 

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and now I need the NET Framework install and the **** things took 11G in size


nuff said :P


when I finish my custom win7 ISO

I'm going after total removal of .net, this includes v2 which other modifiers (vlite, rt7, nttlie) don't allow


BUT your problem is not just in installed .net

1. disable page file

2. disable hibernation file

3. disable superfetch

4. disable system restore

5. delete Backup folder from \Windows\Winsxs (this move might break your windows update)

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