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Best alternative to WUD (outdated) ?


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I try portable update, but I have strange results. It will display KB that that I don't see in the windows updates.For example, It will show an security update with a given KB number. If I close the program and run windows udpates (set to manualy look for update) the same KB will not show up ???


Does someone know why ?

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i never got any problem with that but i noticed one thing we should see what it is saying if the KB is already installed in windows using windows update or any else(even if it integrated in OS) but if that same KB not present in that Cache folder it will show that in list to download and there is a column with that contains Installed or Not Installed. so i do a thing when ever i need all the new updates i just install a VM and i run this thing, so i can get the updates what not installed and i just integrate them 


one Example with SQL Server:

i installed sql server with new service pack that is downloaded from MSDN but it will list in download section to download that SQL server service pack but it shows Installed  Just take care of it 


another Example with Windows 10:

i had windows 10 VM still it releases RTM but when ever i using the portable update application i noticed that it is downloading the new Cumulative Updates each nearly 300-500 MB so while using this application on Windows 10 we need to uncheck those cumilative updates first (i noticed this on older version had not checked with updated versions)


we just need to download and install the big and recent(it has column for released date too) cumulative update first and then re-run the process after restarting works very nice 


but wsusoffline application wont download other cumulative updates it will download only one cumulative update


i am using this because i had not find any alternative to this so i just need to use this


another application from wsusoffline.net also works well but still it wont take data from online even we connected to internet it just collect data from wsusscn2.cab file (may be this file will updated every week) so it cant be much useful for very recent update

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HEY, Y'ALL!!!! Look at me previous post.


WSUSOFFLINE will download based upon what Microsoft's very own files, JUST LIKE Microsoft WSUS Scanner, but it downloads *ALL* of them not just what your Scanned Computer *NEEDS* (which MS WSUS does)! And it WILL get all CURRENT updates as well.


Also, I've said this before and say it again DO NOT DEPEND ON MS' LIST (in the CAB files) to have FLAGGED all Obsolete Updates (thery are BAD about that)!


ALSO note ALL OF THOSE are *ONLY* for the SELECTED OS and NOT (e.g.) FOR (e.g.) SQL (not an OS).


ALSO note that "Portable Update" is for what you NEED not Everything, as kmaheshkumar stated in the post BEFORE mine!


Feel free to spin your wheels if you wish. I'm tired of repeatedly posting this same info in mulriple topics where people complain about WUD not having the Latest ULZ files. I TOLD YOU WHERE TO GET THE LATEST! (sigh...)

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I said I used portable update. Could you look back at my comment with this in mind ? (it seem broken for me) I will check the wincert thread list. Thank for that.

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Right here...



I am about to build a  new windows 7 with ntlite. Does someone know a good source for the security KB list ? I used to do it with with windows update downloader ( WUD).




Problem? Or didn't you notice that what you "used" is no better than Windows Update (for a Running System, not Slipstream)? Maybe I'm wrong? (and here's the CORRECTED link! http://www.portableupdate.com/)


I guess the Latest ULZ for WUD is unacceptable in your eyes (not a replacement at all)?


Your welcome! ;)

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