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newer firefox for 98


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I work with hardware but do not get how to write or fix software.

I started this topic because on my OS/2 hardware, firefox is being worked on and updated.

Firefox 10 is stable 17 in beta.

OS/2 never had firefox and now all this work to get it?

A new company bought rights to OS/2 and says new versions sept 2016?

OS/2 older than Win 98?

How close to Win 98 in code? Both have dos modes? Can those firefox be moved to 98?

Was not 98 used by more than OS/2 back then and now?

So why the "move to a newer windows" for 98 users but on a older op sys all these updates?

Any software super person get 98 newer FIREFOX?

Why my interest, because my 2nd and 3rd systems were 98 and I have a ton of 98 software and

because places like GOODWILL has much 98 software, games +, like the new never opened

MS OFFICE Professional in orig package for 99 cents.

I have lots of good software but cant get on line at many sites, I use a dual boot system with a linux

made just to get on line, a browser linux.

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On the OS/2 they use the ESR ver of firefox, 10esr, 17esr, works better?

Want to see and play with the os2 firefox, they are at warpzilla and can be downloaded.

WARP? Last OS/2 was OS/2 warp and then EcomStation took over.

Out of the XP stuff with KernelEX I would only like, want, a better newer firefox

for win 98, maybe without KernelEX like was done for OS/2?





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The best I can get for now is, I used pupwin98 that gave you a old puppy linux, ver1, on win 98. No cd needed anymore and no special linux part of the hard drive to dual boot from any more, the linux is just a icon on the win 98 desktop. Then I upgraded that ver1 linux to Browser Linux 501 that can have the newest firefox, 42, for now.

So Windows 98 and Linux 501 both on one fat partition hard drive with the newest firefox and just one click away from the Win 98 desktop.

I am on it now and so far it works great!

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