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winamp 5.0.3a release!


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yes I'll see a doctor, cause i'm laughing soo hard on your reactions


Now, you are good. No need to see a doctor. And, if you really appreciate laughing, you'd see that I was kidding all the way. Just, relax and read my posts carefully. Alright?

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Reading through these 15 pages hasn't brought me closer to a silent install of winamp5.03 :rolleyes:

Anyway, if anyone knows how to create a .msi file would be my next semi-god (and of a lot others I am sure) which installs winamp with/without video support.

If there are people who know os any switches for the .exe (haven't found anything though) Plz let us people know too. :)

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the normal switch of /S will install EVERYTHING and then you have to kill winamp with taskkill or pskill.

The MSI was removed as Mac got alittle ticked off because of some disrespect being spread on this topic.

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Hi there,

sorry for all this mess. I get a little angry sometime when ..., whatever.


I'm not going to continue the project. Alanoll was kind enough to offer me help and he said he could take over the project. I really appiciate that and I'm willing to add 1 more task to Alanoll's to do list :)

@Mazin, I couldn't figure u out yet, but one way or another I don't like flaming and having problems with anyone. U said u were joking. I take your word on that. Sorry for the consequences. Maybe I'm too tense....

I'm reverting the 1st post to its original, dl link will be back up, but I'm not going to fiddle around with the project anymore, any further updates will be coming from Alanoll.

I used to check out the forum billion times a day. now its summer and I've a girlfriend to take care of I won't be checking out the forums that much anymore (who cares)

I believe any problem with the current msi can be posted here and I'm sure Alanoll with take care of them.

I'd encourage him to start the msi from scratch. Every tiny modification in the msi ends up in a little un-undoable mess unless u have another recent copy.

Good Luck & Have Fun.

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Thanks, Mac, Alanoll, and everybody.

I'll work parallel to Alanoll and will post instructions on making an MSI for Winamp.

This should be a competition for the best, not for struggle. I say it in advance. The purpose is helping others, only.

If anybody is interested in this, please consider visiting this thread:


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well create your own msi.

I was kind of trying to prevent ppl from doing more work. anyways

I could explain the steps I have gone through, there is not much to it. It just takes time and making 1 only for yourself would take about 10 min.

install the real nullsoft winamp. monitor the registry changes. copy the files over to the msi builder. copy your winamp folder along with everything inside, with the .ini as well. and that's it.

that's what I use for myself.

Competition? how so.

on the left side u have 2 ppl trying to make an universal installer for winamp on the right side ppl trying to make an installer for themselves

it really takes like 5 min if u only want to install winamp with min (or only your) requirements.

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Yeah, it doesn't take long to make an MSI off of winamp and have it usable. The only problem would be that it would be specific to you, as you've selected the components to be installed. As I remember, I created one of the first MSI's for Winamp on this board. Perhaps THE first.

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Anyone interested in testing this version?

I think I fixed most of the bugs in the last one, while retaining the same functionality.


I'm gonna test it within a few mins in VPC.

I presume the switches are the same.

In the last version I had some problems with the switch for writing the name and the SN. Anybody else had the same problem?

Anywho, I'll post my result tomorrow for this version.

And thanks to everyone here who has helped me (...and they didn't even know it :))

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