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unattend.xml <ComputerName>*</ComputerName> question.

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I've noticed that in some of my deployments the auto computer name is in the format of company-324323

So it's taking the word 'company' from somewhere. At a guess it looks like below:


            <RegisteredOrganization>Company name</RegisteredOrganization>
            <RegisteredOwner>Company name</RegisteredOwner>


This isn't the same for all of my builds most of them deploy with the auto name of WINDOWS-23333 the number is always random.

At the moment I'm just using


My question is how do i configure the unattend.xml file to always prefix the auto computer name with 'Company'


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On some deployments it deploys as Windows, where in the unattend file should this value be set?

Also what I would like even better is for the computers serial number to be the computername, I do believe that this is possible but i've not yet found a guide. Research seems to point towards something called MySysprep can anyone help me with this?


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RegisteredOwner seems to be available in any pass. The documentation doesn't say so you might need to experiment. If it were me, I'd first put it in Specialize.

IDK about Mysysprep. One way I know of people using the Serial number from SMBIOS is using a VBScript that runs on first boot. It would be nice if MS made it so someday you could read from SMBIOS and set things in the XML. I'm surprised we haven't seen this yet as many companies would certainly use it.

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