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Windows Update issues on Windows 7


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I'm experiencing a few annoyances in Windows 7 that I haven't noticed before. One is that Windows Update seems to be confused in thinking that Service Pack 1 is less than 10MB in size, and lists it as an available update even though it's already installed. Plus Windows Update seems to take a billion-kajillion years to find available updates, though it may have always been that way.


Two is updating drivers through the device manager using Windows Update. A lot of late XP and Vista era hardware has drivers available on Windows Update. Since I've been using Windows 7 (about 5 years now), this has always worked, but now it just doesn't for some reason, and it hasn't worked on any machine that I've tried recently. You try to update a driver, and Windows just gives up. Like it knows that there is no driver at all for that device, even before it checks, although there is a driver, and it appears on Windows Update.


Oh, and three. Updates have been failing to install, and reporting that they did install successfully. And by a stark contrast, other times I've had Windows report that updates have failed to install, yet they installed successfully. :crazy:


Oh, and four. Windows Update takes an eternity to search for available updates. Then what? It shows you available updates? No. Then it says that it could not search for updates. Sorry. Please hang up, and try again. Bring plenty of time with you, 'cause you'll need it.


Has anyone else noticed these issues?

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