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GeForce 210: Is there a more "advanced" video card for XP?


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There are some MSI and PNY GeForce 210 PCIe video cards I can buy locally for about $45. I believe these have 1 gb DDR3 ram and have DirectX-10 support. XP is listed as a compatible OS on one of the boxes, so I'm assuming that both have full XP driver support.

Where would these cards rank in terms of performance when it comes to the best cards that have ever been made with full XP (32-bit) driver support? Performance in this context is CAD/CAM and/or HD video playback (no game playing).

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a video card that cost $45.00 is going to be a low performance video card, relative to other more expensive video cards..


a low performance video card is not all bad.. i use a low performance video card and i have no problem with watching videos with it, or with playing flash-based games online with it.. however, it can't be used to play intense video games with..


if you want a high performance video card for playing intense video games with, i think you would have to spend at least $180.00 for that.. at least that is what i would consider to be a true high performance video card..

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> a video card that cost $45.00 is going to be a low performance video card,

> relative to other more expensive video cards..

At some point, what-ever card was the last high-end, expensive card that had XP drivers will become a cheap card. I believe that these Geforce 210 cards cost a few hundred dollars back when they came out.

I have to assume that all video cards that have come out for at least the past 2 years can't be used under XP because of no drivers. If this is not the case - then let me know which Nvidia or ATI cards that are less than 2 years old have XP drivers. I had previous asked here if the Radeon R5 220 had XP drivers - and the answer was no. So I'm assuming that the last card made by ATI/AMD with XP drivers has been made - some time ago. What-ever that card was - I don't know. Maybe you know. Does the last card = the best card? I don't know.

If it's true that the last video card with XP drivers, made by anyone, using any chipset, has already been made, then the universe of all possible cards that can run under XP is complete, and I want to know what was the "best" of all those cards in that universe.

And again, I'm more focused on HD video playback and Cad/Cam desktop work. I don't know if being a good gaming video card equates to having good HD (mpeg, divx, blueray, mkv, etc) video playback capability.

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divx isn't HD, it will never be

also don't mix video containers with decoders, AVI, MP4, MKV... ... are just file containers that contain true encoded video and sound

they mean shit


your GPU needs to support GPGPU/DXVA/H264/AVC

you have google for that and nVidia site


if it supports that, then youre ok

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nomen, the real issue is the motherboard that your computer has..


if you have an old computer that uses an AGP slot for the video card, then your choices are very limited.. it is hard to find video cards for AGP slots..


if your computer uses a PCIe slot of the video card, then you have many choices..


as far as i know, all of nvidia's video cards are compatible with windows xp EXCEPT for their very newest video cards, which are the new 9.x line..


with AMD, you will just have to do research to see which of their video cards have drivers that are compatible with windows xp..

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If you want to know which nVidia cards have available reference drivers then you can always check nVidia's site. Their latest card to support 32-bit XP appears to be the GTX 960.

AMD also has a website where you can find their own reference drivers. The R7-series seems to be their latest cards to support 32-bit XP, but I could be mistaken.

I've had a GTX 650 Ti for almost two years working with XP x64. It's still a good gaming card, but I don't game much anymore.

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