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No POSReady Patches Showing Up

Jody Thornton

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Hi Folks:


I installed the registry crack on my mom's system back in the fall and installed several updates on her XP system.  I expected last week to return and install more updates but none showed up in Windows Updates.


Now I know there's already an elongated thread on POSReady updates but I just wondered if this specific issue has showed up for anyone else.  (Now it has has occured to me that my mom is respondiong to Automatic Updates prompts and is installing them, but not telling me...lol), but I thought I'd check in and see if anyone is experiencing no critical updates showing up in the list.  There are two optional POSReady Updates, but I'm concerned about installing those.




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the last time that i used the "microsoft update" website, which was this past february-"update tuesday", i was able to download updates for "windows xp"..


one of the february-update-tuesday-updates was a 3013455 update which causes problems with fonts, which is annoying.. one way to fix the font problem is to uninstall the 3013455 update..


the 3013455 update addresses three vulnerabilites, and, really, none of them are serious, if i am not mistaken.. two of the three vulnerabilities require that the attacker log in locally, at least that is my understanding.. outside of a corporate environment, there isn't much risk, there.. the other vulnerability, which has to to with "true type fonts", all that it does, if it is exploited, is cause the computer to freeze.. in other words, it doesn't involve installing any malware on the computer, so it isn't much of a risk, other than having the computer freeze..


additionally, there is a workaround for the vulnerability that relates to "true type fonts", which is to use "ACL" to block access to the "t2embed.dll" file, so that is an option..


personally, i have blocked access to the "t2embed.dll" file for a long time.. this is not the first time that an issue with "true type fonts" has come up..


blocking access to the "t2embed.dll" file doesn't cause problems for me, but it might cause problems for others.. i use an old CRT monitor and i don't use "true type fonts".. if your mom has an LCD monitor and uses "true type fonts", then blocking access to the "t2embed.dll" file might be a problem for her..


to use "ACL" to block access to the "t2embed.dll" file, use "command prompt" with the command:


"echo y| cacls t2embed.dll /E /P everyone:N" (minus quotations)


to unblock the "t2embed.dll" file, use "command prompt" with the command:


"cacls t2embed.dll /E /R everyone" (minus quotations)


using "ACL" to block access to a file, or to unblock a file, does not require rebooting the computer..


with the next batch of windows updates, on march-update-tuesday, the issue with the 3013455 update and the font problems that it causes probably will be addressed, once and for all.. that is what people are saying, that a fix for the font problem, caused by the 3013455 update, will be included with the march-update-tuesday updates..


microsoft has already released a fix for the font problem, for more recent versions of windows, but, since windows xp is not officially supported, they didn't release a fix for it..


additionally, one of the forum-members, "harkaz", has provided a tweaked version of the 3013455 update, which includes a tweaked version of the win32k.sys file, to replace the problematic 3013455 update which causes font problems.. so, installing harkaz's tweaked version of the 3013455 update is an option.. however, you would have to do that at your own risk.. it involves installing a tweaked version of a "windows" file.. additionally, a "certificate" has to be installed in order for "windows" to allow the tweaked windows file to be installed and to run..


you could go either way, either simply uninstall the 3013455 update or install the tweaked version of the 3013455 update..


here is a post with some information about the tweaked version of the 3013455 update:




to install the tweaked version of the 3013455 update, unzip the file, then, in the folder named "update", first run the "update.reg" file, which installs a certificate.. then run the "update.exe" file, which installs the tweaked version of the "win32k.sys" file..


i am not suggesting that you should install the tweaked version of the 3013455 update, i am only informing you that installing it is an option.. i finally dicided to install the tweaked 3013455 update on my computer... i could have simply left the 3013455 update uninstalled, instead...

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Well thank you for the detailed answer.  I had the font issues on that same update in Vista (while running the Pale Moon browser).  Uninstalling the update fixed it.


I will try to quiz my mom and see if she installed updates (plus I should have looked at the update history)

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