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DNS/Domain pointing help

Bad boy Warrior

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Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question. 


Using Win Server 2008 R2 with all updates. I have a website with the following entries set with the registrar company where the domain was purchased from



*                      A      

@                    A    


IP is the default IP of the registrar.

IP is my server address


When i type in mysite.com this displays my site - great no problem here.

When i type in www.mysite.com this displays the registrar's page.

When i ping mysite.com this shows my IP (

When i ping www.mysite.com this shows the hosting companies IP (


In IIS against the sites binding i have two entries





I then set canonical with the primary address being mysite.com.


The problem i have is when entering www.mysite.com i want it to go to my site and not the registrars site. So should i be changing the * record (currently set to to achieve this? Please note there are MX records so i dont want to make a change which may disrupt another service.




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