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KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.25)


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Yes. 14 is ready to go, but can't be posted. I have 2.1MB of attachments, my quota was recently reduced to 2.0MB, and there is no way to delete old attachments (or notifications).

Update: As of mid-November 2016, the Delete button has been fully restored to My Attachments and works great. Thanks, xper!

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How annoying! :(
It does seem very strange that there is no mechanism to delete old unwanted attachments here. Hopefully one of the mods can do it for you.
If not I have masses of free space because I'm a sponsor, so if you PM me I can give you my e-mail address, you can send the file to me, and I can "host" it on my account if you like.
Cheers, Dave.

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I updated from release.10 to 13 and 3Dmark05 loads now!  It was complaining about something missing in advapi32.dll before.  I'm using 3dmark05_v130 10.01.244 (found by google), not the one from their official site.  It doesn't run the tests but I can see the system information it detected in 98SE.

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Thanks, Dencorso. My quota is bigger now and I will post .14 soon.

> it would be nice to see higher versions than of Flash still working
I need to know what API's to fix, stub, or implement.

> 3Dmark05 ... was complaining about something missing in advapi32.dll before
If you had told be the details, I could have added the API's sooner.

> 3dmark05_v130 10.01.244... doesn't run the tests but...
Enable API Hook and use DebugWindow.exe to find out what API's are called when you try to run the tests. Also profile with DependencyWalker to see what API delay loads are failing.

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Always exciting when there's a new release, I noticed the latest FamiTracker works now with 4.5.2015.13. Maybe I should post that on the program compatibility thread.

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On Sonntag, 14. August 2016 at 10:37 PM, jumper said:

> it would be nice to see higher versions than of Flash still working
I need to know what API's to fix, stub, or implement.

O.K., I wait for v14 and post latest error codes then. Thanks !!

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Hi Jumper, it looks like as if you have not posted v14 yet so I am posting now what ApiLog caught !
In comp mode up to NT Flash does not start at all and Seamonkey does not crash. Comp mode 2K and above SeaMonkey crashes.


1 fff4cf41  [NPSWF32_22_0_0_200.DLL]15b98ea0:<KERNEL32.DLL>DecodePointer(bfa4ca7c)
1 fff4cf41  [NPSWF32_22_0_0_200.DLL]15b98ea0:<KERNEL32.DLL>DecodePointer = 7d00d686
1 fff4cf41  [NPSWF32_22_0_0_200.DLL]15b98f78:<KERNEL32.DLL>GetModuleHandleW(bfa4f1ed)
1 fff4cf41  [NPSWF32_22_0_0_200.DLL]15b98f78:<KERNEL32.DLL>GetModuleHandleW = bff70000
1 fff4cf41  [NPSWF32_22_0_0_200.DLL]154793cd:<KERNEL32.DLL>GetModuleHandleW(bfa4f1ed)
1 fff4cf41  [NPSWF32_22_0_0_200.DLL]154793cd:<KERNEL32.DLL>GetModuleHandleW = bff70000
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The GetModuleHandle calls are for Kernel32.dll (bff70000). We need to know what functions any GetProcAddress calls thereafter are for, so:
* Plug the crash address into Procwin and/or DumpPe and view the disabled code
* Profile in Dependency Walker
* report the full crash error text

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Hi Jumper, unfortunately I have no experiences with ProcWin/DumpPE so I can't help. Maybe Loblo or Schwups can step in.
Also Windows does not display any infos or save these in faultlog.txt - SeaMonkey just crashes.

So please release v14 - maybe this version will already fix a few things.  Thanks for your hard work !!!

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Hi Jumper, SumatraPDF 3.1.2 freezes on both of my main PCs when clicking on the menu icon top left. Does not happen always but very often. Below the apilog.

3 fff69a2f    [SUMATRAPDF.EXE]004c9223:<USER32.DLL>AppendMenuW(bfa53dec)
3 fff69a2f    [SUMATRAPDF.EXE]004c9223:<USER32.DLL>AppendMenuW = 1
3 fff69a2f    [SUMATRAPDF.EXE]004c91dd:<USER32.DLL>GetMenuItemInfoW(7d00f295)
3 fff69a2f    [SUMATRAPDF.EXE]004c91dd:<USER32.DLL>GetMenuItemInfoW = 0
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  • 2 weeks later...

advapi32_named_apis[] =
. DECL_API("CredDeleteW", CredDeleteW_stub),
. DECL_API("CredEnumerateW", CredEnumerateW_stub),
. DECL_API("CredFree", CredFree_stub),
. DECL_API("CredReadW", CredReadW_stub),
. DECL_API("CredWriteW", CredWriteW_stub),
. DECL_API("GetExplicitEntriesFromAclA", GetExplicitEntriesFromAclA_stub),
. DECL_API("GetExplicitEntriesFromAclW", GetExplicitEntriesFromAclW_stub),
. DECL_API("MD5Final", MD5Final_stub),
. DECL_API("MD5Init", MD5Init_stub),
. DECL_API("MD5Update", MD5Update_stub),
. DECL_API("RegGetValueA", RegGetValueA_stub),
. DECL_API("RegGetValueW", RegGetValueW_stub),
. DECL_API("RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerExW", RegisterServiceCtrlHandlerExW_stub),

kernel32_named_apis[] =
. DECL_API("FlsAlloc", FlsAlloc_stub),
. DECL_API("FlsFree", FlsFree_stub),
. DECL_API("FlsGetValue", FlsGetValue_stub),
. DECL_API("FlsSetValue", FlsSetValue_stub),
. DECL_API("LockFileEx", LockFileEx_need),
. DECL_API("LockFileEx", LockFileEx_new), // removed in .14

netapi32_named_apis[] =
. DECL_API("DsEnumerateDomainTrustsW", DsEnumerateDomainTrustsW_stub),
. DECL_API("DsGetDcNameW", DsGetDcNameW_stub),
. DECL_API("DsGetDcNameWithAccountW", DsGetDcNameWithAccountW_stub),
. DECL_API("I_NetNameCanonicalize", I_NetNameCanonicalize_stub),
. DECL_API("I_NetNameValidate", I_NetNameValidate_stub),
. DECL_API("NetAlertRaiseEx", NetAlertRaiseEx_stub),
. DECL_API("NetApiBufferAllocate", NetApiBufferAllocate_stub),
. DECL_API("NetApiBufferFree", NetApiBufferFree_stub),
. DECL_API("NetFileGetInfo", NetFileGetInfo_stub),
. DECL_API("NetGetAnyDCName", NetGetAnyDCName_stub),
. DECL_API("NetGetDCName", NetGetDCName_stub),
. DECL_API("NetGetJoinInformation", NetGetJoinInformation_stub),
. DECL_API("NetGroupEnum", NetGroupEnum_stub),
. DECL_API("NetGroupGetInfo", NetGroupGetInfo_stub),
. DECL_API("NetGroupGetUsers", NetGroupGetUsers_stub),
. DECL_API("NetLocalGroupAddMembers", NetLocalGroupAddMembers_stub),
. DECL_API("NetLocalGroupGetMembers", NetLocalGroupGetMembers_stub),
. DECL_API("NetMessageBufferSend", NetMessageBufferSend_stub),
. DECL_API("NetMessageNameAdd", NetMessageNameAdd_stub),
. DECL_API("NetMessageNameDel", NetMessageNameDel_stub),
. DECL_API("NetMessageNameEnum", NetMessageNameEnum_stub),
. DECL_API("NetRemoteTOD", NetRemoteTOD_stub),
. DECL_API("NetServerEnum", NetServerEnum_stub),
. DECL_API("NetUseAdd", NetUseAdd_stub),
. DECL_API("NetUseDel", NetUseDel_stub),
. DECL_API("NetUseEnum", NetUseEnum_stub),
. DECL_API("NetUseGetInfo", NetUseGetInfo_stub),
. DECL_API("NetUserDel", NetUserDel_stub),
. DECL_API("NetUserEnum", NetUserEnum_stub),
. DECL_API("NetUserGetGroups", NetUserGetGroups_stub),
. DECL_API("NetUserGetInfo", NetUserGetInfo_stub),
. DECL_API("NetUserGetLocalGroups", NetUserGetLocalGroups_stub),
. DECL_API("NetWkstaGetInfo", NetWkstaGetInfo_stub),
. DECL_API("NetWkstaTransportEnum", NetWkstaTransportEnum_stub),

ntdll_named_apis[] =
. DECL_API("FlsAlloc", FlsAlloc_stub),
. DECL_API("FlsFree", FlsFree_stub),
. DECL_API("FlsGetValue", FlsGetValue_stub),
. DECL_API("FlsSetValue", FlsSetValue_stub),
. DECL_API("NtQueryAttributesFile", NtQueryAttributesFile_stub),
. DECL_API("NtQueryDirectoryFile", NtQueryDirectoryFile_stub),
. DECL_API("NtQueryInformationFile", NtQueryInformationFile_stub),
. DECL_API("RtlCreateSecurityDescriptor", RtlCreateSecurityDescriptor_fwd), // removed in .14 (duplicate)
. DECL_API("RtlGetCurrentDirectory_U", GetCurrentDirectoryW_new),
. DECL_API("RtlInterlockedFlushSList", InterlockedFlushSList_stub),
. DECL_API("RtlSetCriticalSectionSpinCount", SetCriticalSectionSpinCount_new),
. DECL_API("Wow64DisableWow64FsRedirection", Wow64DisableWow64FsRedirection_stub),
. DECL_API("Wow64EnableWow64FsRedirection", Wow64EnableWow64FsRedirection_stub),
. DECL_API("Wow64RevertWow64FsRedirection", Wow64RevertWow64FsRedirection_stub),

ole32_named_apis[] =
. DECL_API("CLSIDFromProgIDEx", CLSIDFromProgIDEx_stub),
. DECL_API("CoAllowSetForegroundWindow", CoAllowSetForegroundWindow_stub),
. DECL_API("CoGetObjectContext", CoGetObjectContext_stub),
. DECL_API("CoGetStdMarshalEx", CoGetStdMarshalEx_stub),
. DECL_API("CoRegisterInitializeSpy", CoRegisterInitializeSpy_stub),
. DECL_API("CoRevokeInitializeSpy", CoRevokeInitializeSpy_stub),
. DECL_API("HDC_UserFree", HDC_UserFree_stub),
. DECL_API("HDC_UserMarshal", HDC_UserMarshal_stub),
. DECL_API("HDC_UserSize", HDC_UserSize_stub),
. DECL_API("HDC_UserUnmarshal", HDC_UserUnmarshal_stub),
. DECL_API("HICON_UserFree", HICON_UserFree_stub),
. DECL_API("HICON_UserMarshal", HICON_UserMarshal_stub),
. DECL_API("HICON_UserSize", HICON_UserSize_stub),
. DECL_API("HICON_UserUnmarshal", HICON_UserUnmarshal_stub),

rpcrt4_named_apis[] =
. DECL_API("I_RpcAsyncAbortCall", I_RpcAsyncAbortCall_stub),
. DECL_API("I_RpcAsyncSetHandle", I_RpcAsyncSetHandle_stub),
. DECL_API("I_RpcBindingInqLocalClientPID", I_RpcBindingInqLocalClientPID_stub),
. DECL_API("I_RpcExceptionFilter", I_RpcExceptionFilter_stub),
. DECL_API("I_RpcGetBufferWithObject", I_RpcGetBufferWithObject_stub),
. DECL_API("NdrAsyncClientCall", NdrAsyncClientCall_stub),
. DECL_API("NdrDcomAsyncClientCall", NdrDcomAsyncClientCall_stub),
. DECL_API("NdrGetUserMarshalInfo", NdrGetUserMarshalInfo_stub),
. DECL_API("NdrMesTypeAlignSize2", NdrMesTypeAlignSize2_stub),
. DECL_API("NdrMesTypeDecode2", NdrMesTypeDecode2_stub),
. DECL_API("NdrMesTypeEncode2", NdrMesTypeEncode2_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcAsyncCancelCall", RpcAsyncCancelCall_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcAsyncCompleteCall", RpcAsyncCompleteCall_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcAsyncGetCallStatus", RpcAsyncGetCallStatus_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcAsyncInitializeHandle", RpcAsyncInitializeHandle_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcCancelThreadEx", RpcCancelThreadEx_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcCertGeneratePrincipalNameW", RpcCertGeneratePrincipalNameW_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcServerInqCallAttributesW", RpcServerInqCallAttributesW_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcServerRegisterIf2", RpcServerRegisterIf2_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcServerTestCancel", RpcServerTestCancel_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcServerUnregisterIfEx", RpcServerUnregisterIfEx_stub),
. DECL_API("RpcTestCancel", RpcTestCancel_stub),
. DECL_API("UuidCreateSequential", UuidCreate),

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Hi Jumper, wow indeed - what a great new package !!
Unfortunately none of the KEx-depending apps that I use really seem to need these new functions so I only have a few observations.
- C&P seem to be broken even more now. I can't even copy and search a text in documents opened only in Notepad++ any longer. I tested other comp-modes and also versions of usp10.dll and/or uxtheme.dll but had no success.

- I noticed two stubs for ntdll:  Wow64DisableWow64FsRedirection  and  Wow64RevertWow64FsRedirection
I had these two stubs already in Kext but for kernel32.dll !! I made these entries most likely after checking a ReactOS-DLL with DependecyWalker. Should I delete it ?

Thx, MiKl


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Hello jumper,

I test Release 14 on three computers (ME). So far I can't recognise serious problems. On one machine I've the MaxaCookie Manager, it opens, but doesn't work anymore. Error: A dll of the app is not registered or available. After I went back to version 13, reinstalled MaxaCM and I restored the Registry, the error remains. So I guess it has nothing to do with KeX and Release 14. I could reinstall whole KernelEx, too. It's strange that it happened after the update.

Whats the aim of R14? Are there special programs to test?

Is there a ProcWin documentation out there?

@MIKL: "Copy and Paste broken" Is your entire system affected or only NotePad++? Please tell which NotePad++ you use.


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  • jumper changed the title to KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.25)

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