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UniFi Controller Gets Removed Automatically After Restarting Windows


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So I'm having this issue with the UniFi controller software, I'd like to be able to login and see the status of my access point and upgrade it too, but I can never do that because each time I restart my computer, the software gets removed for some reason.  I don't know what is going on. All settings are still on my computer and the AP continues to work just fine, I just can't manage it. 


There is a folder in the application menu, but all what is there is "Uninstall UniFi"..there was several items there before I restarted Windows and now its just that. 


Someone told me that it has something to do with Java and 64 Bit..but not sure what has to do with it. 


Running Windows 7 64 Bit.  


Hopefully I can get this problem fixed. 

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It is is, as you say, every time you install the software and reboot the software is removed... I would try to find what makes it remove itself. After installation, check in Task Scheduler and also in the registry under RunOnce/Ex to see if there is anything there to trigger the uninstall.

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