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Error installing Win 98 SE


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I want to install Windows 98 SE on my old computer.

I used to run it on this computer.

I want to run a long running Excel application.

The problem I am having is it gets almost through the install process then it gives 2 errors.

My only option is to click OK, then it goes a little further and hangs up at the box that says Updating System Settings/System Configuration.


The 2 errors I get are by Java Package Manager

Unable to install Java packages from c:\Windows\Java\classes\xmlds04.cab

Unknown HRESULT: (800b010bh)


The second error is the same but the file is c:\WIndows\System\dajava.cab


I think the problem is in the registry but I don't know how to edit the registry or what to look for.


I can boot into the dos recovery disk.


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There's a possibility that either your media (Windows 98 CD) or your optical drive (CD/DVD-ROM or RW) are faulty. if the errors are exactly the same on subsequent install attempts then most likely it's the media (the Windows disc); if the errors are randomly different it may either be the optical drive (defective, clogged lens, incompatible interface, incompatibility with another drive on the same cable), the RAM (bad locations, incorrectly seated, faulty connection pads) or the hard drive (bad sectors, incompatibility with another drive on the same cable).


Due to so many possible reasons it's up to you to narrow down the issue by changing whatever possible in the configuration - Windows CD, optical drive, RAM stick(s), hard drive - after double-checking that everything is properly seated/connected.


You may check the RAM using MemTest86 (a bootable disc).

You may check the HDD for bad sectors using HDAT2.

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After I replied below, I deleted a lot of the files from my Windows directory and this caused it to do a fresh install and it is working now.

Thanks for you help anyway.


I don't think the problem is anywhere in the hardware.

This computer was working up until about a year ago when I moved to XP.

I read on internet that this problem is because partly through install then I restarted.

I don't remember restarting like that but the install process did reboot quite a few times.

Maybe I did an improper install but I don't remember.


Anyway, they said the solution is to reinstall the Java.Inf, but the instructions are for using a mouse, which I can't do under DOS.


Reasoning things out, this is why I think it must be the registry is bad.


I have 2 Win 98 SE install CDs and they both do exactly the same thing.


What if I format my C drive and then install? There are a few old files but I can't even remember what they are so I won't miss them.


What do you think?

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