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Driver Integration Error 87


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I'm testing NTLite and when I want to integrate drivers in "boot.wim" (Microsoft Windows Setup), I get this error message





Thanks so much for your great work :)

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bapt, I now tried to integrate my drivers to boot.wim setup and it worked fine - but that just means my particular combo worked.
So to replicate your issue I need to know which host and target you used and which driver, download link would be great?

And also there will be ntlite.log ntlite_dism.log in temp folder at the point of error happening, attach those here would help speed up the analysis in case I don't get the issue.





Tripredacus, you are probably right, will see when I get the info to replicate the issue.

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bapt, confirmed, so it's win7 to win7 winPE.
Will fix in build after 2079 today.


Btw you can select second Boot.wim image (Setup), and use only that one, in Apply select Export to keep only that one. Also size goes down a little.

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