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nLite noob here


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nLite is a Beautiful product!


A tiny observation, and a product marketing suggestion, no insult intended


The focus started with bypassing MS strongarming us with IE. That was good.

But now, is there too much carry-over focus on just "getting smaller."

(It's almost like .... I can name that tune in one note kind of thing.)


As a noob, I'm of course interested in dropping annoying bubblegum and etc.


But my main focus on using nLite is what I know least about, which is system security.


As an aside, to me security comes by building the system correctly. I don't consider firewall or antivirus software to be security, and I have NEVER used them. I would have to be a fool to believe the NSA, Pentagon, Microsoft, Google, et al, engineers couldn't blow right through a homeowner maintained firewall and AV. If the price was right, a FW and AV builders might even open a back door just for them.


It could mean a major refocus of nLite objectives, but it would be nice to have a tab-page or something, which would help a noob like me set up strong stable system as best as I can, where focus is on security, for laptop, desktop, media center, etc.


Or maybe create a new page where nLite could review the preset selections, and make an analysis of security strengths and weaknesses. Maybe feed it a hardware list for the target computer on the system. I don't build regularly, so I have to go back and google what is PCMCIA and do I have it, etc every time.

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few more adjustments

If ... if  ... if any. That surely excludes major additions like the OP's suggestions.+ "marketing suggestions" ??? nlite is free and its market (and its forum) is pretty dead. :angel

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maybe leave nLite as-is but include a zip of security presets for desktop and laptop noobs


prepared by people who understand how to strip a 2K, XP, 03 system down but leave it running for the standard laptop or desktop user


(yes, removing bloat is cool ... but focus is on stability security)


thus user starts out with a system focused on security, then user nLites (as-is) to add junk in


laptop and desktop users could have separate presets but gamers and other hard core are on their own


minimal microsoft everything, OS essentials only, but all essentials needed for alternative everything -- mainly office, browser, email, media, player, etc.


strip out all useless MS assumptions, nuisances popups and bubblegum -- such as MS security, MS search, Firewall, AV, EOL notices, phone home everything, automatic updates, etc. but leave essential services available as needed for non-MS programs.


Even a preset if possible to prevent other programs from automatically updating themselves.


Users can the run nLite as-is to add MS bugglegum back in.




wish I could volunteer a preset but I wouldn't t know what I was doing (my hands are full fighting on other fronts ...)


for users ilke me, it would be easier to start with a nLite preset for a stable core for an ordinary user (minimalist as in minimal MS bunglegum, not extreme minimalist as is full scale bleeding edge). User then nLites (as is) to tweak services up rather than down


so nLite is actualy resetting a big mistake that MS made ... the MS assumption of open-wide and all-at-once hurt MS in the long run. Most users can't handle all their bugglegum, all swallowed down in one gigantic hairball, in one big gulp. Presets could be used to reset that big-MS assumption. It would actually help MS get their reputation back. Maybe I'm still in DOS 3.2-ville?

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:huh: I wasn't aware that nLite would have any new "tweaks".


As to "Presets with remove, then add back in", You sepak of Security, yet wanr Firewall as preset "removed"? As for AV, what -are- you talking about? AV isn't included, just a warning ballon. Now, for EOL notice, HUH???? You get that from MS Updates -only-! You're assuming that all SP3+Post-SP3 stuff (including Add-Ons) is already included it seems - thery are -not-. You start with an unaltered XP, integrate SP3+Post-SP3+Add-Ons then "Tweak" and/or "Remove" as you desire. -NOBODY- to my knowledge has ever had a pre-set that did exactly what -anybody else- wanted. That, my friend is all on -YOU-! :crazy: nLite's sole purpose is to relieve the burdon of having to figure out how to manually add/remove stuff. Sorry... :(

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