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Windows 10 roadmap?


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As everyone may already know Windows 10 was revealed to be the next Windows.

And the Technical Preview itself also wasn't far behind, the images are out now!


The question now is, how does it fit into the NTLite dev schedule?

Will you wait until the final RTM (sometime in 2015) until support?


I would put something called Asimov on the top of my list for removal:


"Well according to the folks at ZDNet, one of the new features of Windows 9 10 is a feature that has been given the codename “Asimov”. Originally designed by the Xbox team, Asimov is said to be a backend system that will allow the Windows operating system team to see what is going on in a person’s PC in almost real-time.


The idea is quite simple: gather as much data as possible to make sure that the user experience is exactly like Microsoft has envisioned. With more telemetry data, it will help the team behind the OS make sure that updates, features, and every other aspect are all working correctly and if not, they will have high-quality data to troubleshoot the issue."



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Ho-ly Asimov, that thing is like CEIP v2 :).

Can't make any promises regarding that component until I check it in more detail, but for Win10 support, yes, NTLite will support it in matter of days, not gonna wait RTM.

Boooggie and I tried it and it can be loaded and some things (maybe majority) already can be removed.

What needs fixing is Dism support (it needs newer version) and some removals need polishing, we saw a BSOD for a certain setup.

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Sounds good... - does anyone know how to disable this feature with dism ? (Until Job is done....)


The agreement from MS goes some steps too far for me (like sending private Bank data) - i like to send them feedback, but not for every click i do, and not for every site i surf, and not for every text i write...


I hope that my dism version (from ADK 8.1) copied into NTlite folder will do it....


dismapi.dll has catched you, nuhi ;)

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