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about ie and flashplayer


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i did not used your tool yet , but i wonder if internet explorer is removable or not ?

as flashplayer is only used by ie , i also wonder , if you delete it and in other case , make the install embeds a recently released update like now , i just installed version 15

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thx for reporting maverick.

please when this error happens, grab the file called ntlite.log from the temp folder you use for ntlite and psot it here after u remove the personal data from automation.

Pretty simple really the log is not created cause the program "fails to start correctly"

It installs but fails on start!!

I tried it on a VM with win 7sp1x64 still same error?

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is it possible that some security blocks it? or runtimes missing? is it a clean VM with a non shrinked source?

take a look into event viewer, it will display detailed information about this error

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