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How do you remove your account here?

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Hello, I'am considering cancelling my account here for certain reasons even thoug I have been here for a couple of years now and would like to know the steps of removing my account. also what about posts I have made can they be removed or are there permanite to stay?

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The easiest way, and most often used, is to simply abandon the account.  That way any posts you made that are part of a thread will remain and not disrupt the flow of the thread, and you can come back at a later time if you decide you want to.  Just be sure to disable any notifications that you might have in place, and you should never hear from any of us ever again, unless you choose to initiate contact.  The board and staff will not contact you and you won't get any spam as a result of the remains of your account being left here.


Cheers and Regards

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Even if your account were to be deleted, your posts would stay. They would even still have your username attached to them. So if you wanted to leave the forum, you can empty your profile of information (if any is there), log out and delete the msfn cookies.

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