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2014 ReSetup of Win98SE done.....Now What? Help!


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Running a AT, 700mghz, ~=500M Ram, 2HDs, main split_C&D, formated C: and ran Win98SE Setup from CD.

Compared to the way it did look wit all Updates, This looks like Crap!

But, whut now? No Internet to it! No MS updates auto selections and installing....

.......I'm looking over the Abyss!

I thought I was saved when I found this site. But, D/L,ing the UnOfficial SESP21 and running it;

Bam! I got two-in-a-row- Invalid Page Faults and Must Shutdown. Moreover, I got no record of what went in, what didn't and what stuck where! More viewing, I got a MalWare attack. I reported that.

A question you can deal with. Can a step by step guide be made to accomplish a Reload, Patches and Updates be found for me to follow?

I dearly need my Typing, Spreadsheet WordPerfect 12 and Printing back! I would be happy IF I could only get those back!

I like Win98. It was fine since 2006, same machine, until I messed wit SFC an trashed it!

If it ain't broke, leave it BE!


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Here's the method I typically use for 98SE on a physical machine (ex. my ThinkPad 600X)


1) Start the Windows 98 CD install (recommended to copy the files from the CD to ex. C:\WIN98)

2) Let the setup run through, entering information/customizing as needed

3) Install drivers after first boot to desktop, reboot as needed

4) Install Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 (even if you don't plan on browsing with it), DirectX 9.0C (December 2006 redistributable) and (optional) Windows Media Player 9

5) Install Problemchyld's Windows 98 Unofficial Service Pack 3.xx linked above (remember, install the main updates FIRST, separately)

6) Install KernelEx (allows you to run select Windows 2000/XP programs on 98/Me)

7) (optional) Install MDGX's 98SE2Me, which updates certain system files to a Windows Me version (ran it on a VM as well as my TP600X, no problems)

8) (optional) Install Tihiy's Revolutions Pack 9, which gives you a skinning system, 32 bit alpha icons and some system tweaks (like an improved task manager)


As for a web browser, I personally use Opera 10.63 and/or 11.64 as well as Firefox 3.6.28 (10 ESR didn't run very well for me, but that might be because of my 600X's CPU speed... Opera 11.64 runs fine however), I use a Linksys WPC54G wireless card and OpenOffice 2.4 as well, it actually is still quite usable in 2014 :D (does need a new battery however, but that's a different story)


Also, ACPI is a bit buggy even on 98SE, at least IME (my ThinkPad T23 had issues with the display on 98SE under ACPI, but it worked fine on APM)

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> Also, ACPI is a bit buggy even on 98SE, at least IME (my ThinkPad T23 had issues with the display

> on 98SE under ACPI, but it worked fine on APM)


Yes, agreed (on both counts)!  I routinely disable ACPI when installing Win98SE by using:

  setup /p i
However, i've found that it might cause some standby issues on some systems.  But to me, the benefits outweigh the loss.   

I also agree about U98SESP 3.x, 98SE2ME, DX 9.0c, and IE 6.0 SP1, even though i later remove it with IEradicator (or 98Lite if you want the possibility to restore it): http://www.litepc.com/ieradicator.html

Also, remember to install the latest m/b chipset drivers for a system -- important!  

- Doug B.


Edit:  I also suggest KernelEx and Revolutions Pack.  My preferred browser, however, is Pale Moon v3.6.32, a slightly-later optimized-for-Windows fork of FireFox v3.6.28. 

Edited by DougB
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