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Help with Onboard Sound failures WIN2k UUR

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Can anyone provide help on troubleshooting onboard sound issues with UUR v11?

I have 3 Windows multiboot systems on my network, a P4 laptop, a Core 2 Duo laptop, and a Core 2 Duo desktop. Each run XP, the latest Win2k UUR v11d, and other OS versions. The older P4 has sound but I can not get sound to work on either of the onboard sound cards in the Core 2 Duo machines, however, sound is functioning on both these machines in XP.

The P4 doesn't use a High Definition Audio chipset or UAA and the sound works fine.

The Core 2 Duo laptop uses SigmaTel High Definition Audio and was incrementally updated from UUR V10 to V11d.

The Core 2 Duo desktop uses SoundMAX High Definition Audio and I recently used Tomasz86's HFSLIP program to install UUR V11 and then update to V11d.

I've tried all the usual fixes but nothing seems to work. Both the SigmaTel and SoundMAX drivers support W2k & XP and both install without any noticeable errors but on reboot sound will not function.....no yellow bombs, setupapi.log errors, or other useful clues. The usual speaker icons are missing in both startup trays. After logon a popup window appears with the message "The SoundMAX audio driver did not load. You may need to reinstall SoundMAX". Later the SoundMAX tray icon is visable with a red cross and the message "No SoundMAX audio present".

My only guess is that the Microsoft UAA driver or a dll is not compatible but all the version numbers and file sizes seem to match up.

Everything else is working beautifully but this is driv'in me nuts.

Windows 2000 has always been my favorite OS so any suggestions would be helpful.

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I wanted to provide some updates and a temporary solution in case anyone else is experiencing the same problems.


ISSUE: Onboard sound will work on XP but not Win2K UUR v.11. installed on the same system. Issue has been duplicated on 2 separate PC's. Every trick in the book wont bring it back to life.


SYMPTOMS: SoundMax and Sigmatel drivers written for XP-W2K will install without a problem.

- On reboot there is no sound and speaker icon is missing from the system tray.

- Install logs and registry entries show driver installations were successful.

- Device Manager lies with the statement "This device is working properly"


- In the "Sounds and Multimedia" menu in Control Panel the sound volume slider is at 0 and can not be adjusted and on the Audio properties page, all 3 fields are greyed out.

- The system file wdmaud.sys and Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) file sysaudio.sys are not running in Task Manager


On the desktop machine, I added the /bootlog option to startup and noticed the SoundMax file aeaudio.sys was not loading (Andrea  - Audio Noise Filtering Driver). I was finally able to get sound with an embarrassing hack by dropping an earlier version of the file into the drivers folder. Wdmaud.sys and sysaudio.sys are now running and everything is normal except the volume is about half of what it should be.


I've given up on the Sigmatel laptop since it showed no driver issues on the bootup log and could be a real PITA.


In some small way I hope this helps in finding a solution.

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This helped me today.  I'm glad I'm not the only person with this problem!

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