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Hey guys, I have a slight problem with my CPU cooler being too big and wanting to upgrade my memory.  I have a ASUS P8Z77-V LK motherboard and a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO.  Because I am using the G.Skill Ribsaw, I can only seem to fit in the two chips in the second slots because either the CPU cooler is so big that it blocks the first channel for the ram or its just because the ram is too tall. 


Now I can install more ram if I swap the fan on the other side, but it'll be blowing the wrong direction, right now I have to set so the fan is blowing air through the heatsink, which I think is keeping my computer really cool right now.  Because I have it set like this, it just blocks the first channel and I can't get any more rim to fit..and even when I installed the first chip on the second first channel, I still had to remove the cooler's fan to get it in there.  


If anyone else had this issue before, I would like to know what you did because I've been really wanting to get another 8gb kit to make it 16gb.  


Here's a pic of my comp to show you exactly what I'm talking about. 



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You can raise a bit the fan, see:


or you can see if you can remove some (unneeded) plastic from the fan:



Of course it depends on how much it is needed to raise the fan or cut it to make it not interfere with the RAM.


Also there are both "high" and "low" profile RAM sticks, you should check (if you still have to buy the RAM) what the situation is with a "low profile one. 



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I completely forgot that I can raise the fan.  I thought about buying lower profile ram, but I'm really happy how my computer is performing now with the G.Skills.  I thought 8GB would've been enough for me, but I've maxed it out a few times when doing a lot of photo/video processing.  


Well I think I'll order some more RAM and I'll let you know how it goes. 


Thanks again! 

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I wouldn't want the main chassis fan blowing into the PC. The only way the OP possibly could switch the fan to blow towards the front is if there are at least 2 fans pushing that air out. The other problem is that people typically will have HDDs at the front, you might not want heated air from the CPU going over those before exiting the chassis.

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