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Windows Update (2k)

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Did windows update stop working for win2k again?

"Windows Update does not start in Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows 2000"

It makes me sad. I pulled the latest root certs but still no love.

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On my environment there is also no problem.

I use 7.6.7600.257

No problem here either.

I, too, use 7.6.7600.257

I'm on XP SP3, not 2k, though...

Then again, after next Tuesday, we're all in the exact same boat. :D

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Well, to note that Windows98/SE/ME still allowed Windows Update past EOS (with the "tricks" to push into the Older Updates site) I would say that unless MS completely "pulls the rug" I'd say that you'd still be able to use it to get the "older" updates (at EOS and back) using said WUA (Win98/SE/ME was different, natch). ;)


edit - Found the reference. It, too, had some of the "glitch" that was occuring for accesses (remember the links to Events not working as well?). http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/94225-windows-update-fix-for-win9xme/

(note - still available within AutoPatcher at Mdgx, FWIW, but the MS v4 website is defunct, so pointless.)

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