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Bluetooth driver problem


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I have a very curious bluetooth driver problem. I purchased a wireless microsoft branded bluetooth mouse. Because my HP laptop does not have built in bluetooth I have to use the accompanying bluetooth adapter. The first time I plugged the adapter in it was recognised and a Microsoft wireless bluetooth 2.0 driver was installed. The first time I rebooted after this the scroll wheel on my mouse stopped working. I discovered that windows had suddenly installed a "Generic bluetooth adapter driver" and that the microsoft driver was suddenly marked as not functioning properly. Once I removed the Generic bluetooth adapter driver my scroll wheel started functioning again. However every time I reboot my laptop that darn "Generic bluetooth adapter driver" gets re-installed and the scroll wheel stops working. How can I prevent this from happening? I find it extremely ironic that this is happening to a microsoft branded bluetooth adapter/mouse!

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I find it extremely ironic that this is happening to a microsoft branded bluetooth adapter/mouse!

If I may, not only that, to that you have to add that it is HP, I mean it is not like an unknown laptop maker from Taiwan, it is one of the main MS OEM (just like DELL, which has traditionally carried the flag of PITA :w00t: for doing things unlike any standard, creating more incompatibiites that I can recall), in theory such a "close friend" should have made tests for all MS hardware.

Seriously, it is possible that it is an "inner MS" conflict of sorts, like the good guys including the PID/VID of the specific hardware under the "Generic adapter" without actually testing that the generic driver is compatible with the actual hardware. :yes:

I would try having a look a the .inf files of both the "Generic" and "MS specific", it is possible that the mechanism used by the stupid Windows is that of "trusting" more the MS "internal to the OS" driver if the same device ID is on it than a (still MS) "external" driver, or maybe the actual date (or version) of the "specific" is older than the "generic".

If the ID in the "generic driver" .inf is related to a single instance, removing it from the inf should work and have no consequences.

The issue may be if the "generic driver" is associated with a wider set of devices, but still if you don't plan to use other bluetooth adapters, removing the "whole" set may do as well.


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