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Windows Deployment without server ?

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Sure you don't need a "server" at all. But you would need a file share where an image is located. Then you boot off a CD or USB to a WinPE boot image, custom or stock and use an answer file.

I presume this is what you mean, otherwise you can just make a custom DVD and not use a network at all.

EDIT: I'm removing that useless tag. :P

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Well with MDT (or even WDS) you create a Distribution Share where images end up going. Those programs will set it up for you but you can share a folder to the network manually too.

You don't even need to put them on a network, you could store them on a USB drive or an external HDD if you wanted.

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Yeah but I think it's harder to do it on the network , and I'm in training period , so I'd like to learn as much as possible .

Could you help me doing it with the network ? (What I have to do, I can search details later :)

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You don't really *need* a WDS or MDT, everything can be done using as "server" a "normal" PC, you can use - as examples - Serva:


(which has a built-in TFTP+BINL server) or TFTP32:



and PXE boot the target, installing to it the Windows.


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Thanks , and can I do it with MDT but without WDS ?

Edit : i found something that could be interesting : install and configure TFTPD32 on my pc , and with WAIK , mount and dismount files of a WINPE.WIM .

Then i share a file called smthg like "windows7" on the source pc ,

and I boot on winPE to type in cmd : net use z: \\pxetest\vista

What about it ?

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Well with MDT you do have the ability to build an image that deploys via DVD. I haven't done that myself but I have received them from clients so I know it is possible.

Your theory is sound, it is what I use but with WDS instead of a third party solution.

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MDT can work from a regular workstation, either by putting all data on the USB/DVD or you can just have the boot image on the USB/DVD and MDT will pull the data across the network from the deployment share.

Since you state that you are just learning, I’ll leave a few links for you.

These two videos are a great introduction to MDT:

Deployment Day Session 1: Introduction to MDT 2012

Deployment Day Session 2: MDT 2012 Advanced

In addition, there are many articles and videos on the Deploy Windows 7 and Deploy Windows 8 pages of the Springboard Series on TechNet to help learn about deploying Windows. There are also many videos on Channel 9 about deploying Windows.

Hope this helps,


Windows Outreach Team – IT Pro

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Hey , thanks everyone , sorry I was busy .

I'm trying to do it with 2 pc now , one with Windows server 2012 + MDT + WDS and I want to deploy Windows 7 on the other one , they'll be on the same network so I can do it by PXE.

I was wondering how it works to do it , using deployment share on MDT , but for the WinPE ?

Any answers are welcom ! :)

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