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Personal experience with Vista


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Im trying to be as legal as possible so I used a 30 day trial of Vista because I don't own a copy. Let's begin!

Windows Vista SP2 actually is even more beautiful than Windows 7 SP1 and at first glance you can't notice any difference. But they start right from the beggining: drivers.

While 7 was able to find every driver in my 2009 laptop, Vista was unable to find 8 drivers! Not a real problem for me because I have awesome programs for drivers search and I was able to find 7 out of 8 and upgrade 22. The last was the wireless. I searched manually through the internet (with cable) to find it. I found after hours of searching that Vista is ALMOST forgotten from the manufactors. Anyway I found a driver from 2009 (one of the first ever released for this wirelesss card) for Vista and I installed it. Thanksfully no further problems occured.

Now, Vista is a little more resource hungry than 7, at some point is faster, at some not. The world wide opinion about that "Windows 7 is Vista SP3" is correct! Vista also preserves some functions which I like while 7 remove them or lock them (you are unable to remove the desktop shortcut on the taskbar in 7, in Vista you can).

Another not so good news about Vista is the support for everything! While XP is disappearing, Vista is following it closely. I don't know why everybody hate it... The issues at the start are dead from a long time.

In the end: My opinion about Vista is positive, only thing which I don't like are the support dropping and the lack of drivers for it.

Thanks for reading. :)

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The reason everyone is hating vista is the same everyone hates windows8 - because people heard from some other people their friend saying that it's bad. Not that there were no issues, on the contrary - the main one being people expecting it to work on winME class hardware. I've been using vista ever since SP1 and had less issues with it than on XP. Win8 has the modernUI forced on the desktop, which became its downfall.

I'd have to say, win7 is the reason I can't really move on to any other OS anymore, though. Some people don't like it, but I can't live without the combined-iconified taskbar anymore.

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vista was awesome and had a great UX, not like WIn8 which is ugly as hell and is horrible slow and ineffective to use. I was using the Vista as my main Os since Build 5456 and was fantastic compared to the crappy XP.

And Win7 = Vista R2 (Vista Sp3 + new UI Theme and marketing Hype)

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I had never tested Windows 8/8.1. For me it's not bad in terms of perfomance. It's bad because of Metro. My Android Phone/Tablet will fit greatly with it but not my PC. And like Andre said - Vista have the best design ever existed for Windows. And if you are "hacker type of a user" you can tweak Vista to be less memory demanding but I never tried this. Maybe I will. ;)

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Actually, about the biggest difference between vista and win7 is the way they made the UI.

In vista, the UI only loaded when every function between it was loaded, which appeared to take a while.

In win7 and later, the UI is loaded first, so you have the illusion of it being faster - as a result you sometimes click on a button on the UI and it doesn't respond, because the function behind it didn't load yet :)

They did change the UI in win7, but win8 was the next "real" step where they rewrote the code to be faster. Metro aside, it's a good upgrade from win7.

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I multi-boot Vista Ultimate SP2, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 and Windows 8.1 Pro w/MC (x64) and I still think of Vista as my favourite so it is my main OS. It was unfairly maligned when first announced because everyone and their uncle had to find new drivers or switch their hardware or whatever, it was such a departure from XP. That was all my old computer could run and I used to even keep it in a VM on this one but it was too temperamental for my liking so it's long gone.

I'll be using Vista as my main unhl it too goes EOL in 2017 or whenever.

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(you are unable to remove the desktop shortcut on the taskbar in 7, in Vista you can).

this makes no sense at all

vista uses quick launch toolbar, which can be easily reinstated in "7" too which again contains same shortcut as vista

as for right button on "7", nobody is forcing you to use it, beside it is barely noticable under glass and basic theme

(btw I use one from quicklaunch as its easier to reach from center of screen than going all the way to the right)

lets not forget how vista follows clunky taskbar and its idiotic grouping just like xp had

comparing that of that from "7" is total crap, I'd take iconized "superbar" any time

and another thing that vista fails at is UI of File Manager, just check that folder tree on the left

everything is stiffed one below the other, so squished its not only annoying but ugly as hell

at least "7" provides divided groups where user can easily see what is and what's not

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Okay, here is the deal, getting stuff from the internet, that runs on Vista seems to be no problem. Many programmers, are for the NT 6.0, when it comes to money and dealing with the abiltiy to use cheap PCI16X cards. I would rather have my Vista do all of these things on my Windows 98, machine. Many programs, have been ported ( by ported a rouge programmer, decided to make fixes to 9X programs, so they could run on VIsta. ) to the NT6.0 platform. Vista only sucks IF THE VENDER DOES NOT SUPPORT THE OS. I mean like the program could run, but THEY just decide not to make it run on Vista.

So far, my heavy duty, expensive work programs, runs flawlessly on Vista. My super duper graphics intense games runs without problems on Vista. Vista seems like a gem, to be honest. Everything works great on Vista. The problem I am having is privacy issues. Which, because of laws that violates my and your privacy, makes it inhuman, enough to make your house, feel like a jail cell. That is my problem with Microsoft not Vista. Microsoft is selling out to the government.

Otherwise I love Vista, and it is as basic, as basic could get, until I could find something that is a bit more secure. I am not saying to switch to vista, at all, I am saying for the sake of work and play, it does a decent job. By work and play, I mean being forced to use a program that will not run on another operating system on purpose, or being forced to use a videogame, without dealing with SP pack 1 2 4 etc.

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Thanksfully my hardware and software is both supported on XP and Vista, and 7 but to be honest I will stay with XP for now. Anyway if something really bad happens I can immediately switch to Vista because I already have the disk. :thumbup I'm such a strange person - I have a working XP system but I'm also looking forward to Vista...

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