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WPI v8.7.2 Release Thread

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If this works correctly:

   var timerID=null;   timerID=setTimeout("ins_iTimer()",1000);  // Update display
I think that could be replaced by:

   var timerID=setTimeout("ins_iTimer()",1000);  // Update display
Cheers and Regards

The first one isn't good, because mshta works excessively and may block the system!

The second code is perfect.

Thanks and regards

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I dont know if anyone else got this but I just downloaded and copied over my configs and I get the following errors:

Line: 26

character: 1

Error: 'bit64' is undefined

code: 0

url: file:///C:/WPI_v8.7.2/UserFiles/config.js


Line: 631

character: 7

Error: unable to get property 'toString' of undefinded or null reference

code: 0

url: file:///C:/WPI_v8.7.2/WPIScripts/check.js

I launch a clean copy and i dont see anything about 64bit processing under options wizard in tools area?

I am doing something wrong?

Thank you for all the hard work on this app. I just donated also.

I think it is solved here:


and below tis post.

You can try it and download files: configwizard.js and updatewizard.js.

Tested and works fine.


*Edit: it's also needed to update the language file!!

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Hi Guys! I updated WPI to new version but now WPI is not showing any program in the main window, i tested it on 5 computers running Windows 7, but on Windows XP and it showed all programs.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!



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Hi! With a clean install and your files, copying my config.js it works! But i have a problem with 3 items category, in config.js they have no category and if i fix that, wpi won't show any item again.


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Could you share your new config.js with 3 categories fixed and I will try.

Note: You can also put your old config.js (8.0.0) inside UserFiles folder and it will be updated (8.7.0) using the new files given !


*Edit: Tested adding 3 categories missing and no trouble found. Works fine for me !

Edited by myselfidem
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Hi People,


I updated WPI from 8.6.3 to 8.7.2 with two Problems:


1) Not possible to switch off the count-down to start;

     solved with the new WPI.hta.

2) Old config.js not compatible with 8.7.2: solved too by deleting the lines (option not present in the new Versio).



What I would need now are actual language files for german and italian: can somebody give me a link to?


Thanks, Thiersee

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hey, what you mean with "rewind button" never worked ? (i have a old wpi version here - where i can switch between the titles - between installation... - but maybe i changed something there...)


- do you need it ? :D

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you got a p.m. ;)


update: if you meant the fast forward/fast backward button... - and not skipping the tracks (fast backward - doesnt work at my wmp at all - but i dont update, and still got xp...)


you maybe wanna check this code - have made it in the past with some help - for a theme with active desktop & wmp

<IMG SRC="Docs.jpg" BORDER=0 STYLE="position: absolute; top: 0cm; left: 0cm; width: 1152px"><script type="text/javascript"><!--	function song( aID ){	document.getElementById('music1').innerHTML="<embed type='application/x-mplayer2' id='music2' pluginspage='http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/MediaPlayer/' src='"+document.getElementById(aID).value+"' name='MediaPlayer1' width='300' height='75' controltype='2' showcontrols='1' showstatusbar='1' AutoStart='true'></embed>";	}//--></script><div id="Liste" STYLE="border:1px solid #000;position: absolute; top:0px;right: 0%;display:block;">	<select  id="cancion" onchange="song( this.id )" size="1" STYLE="color:#9bF;background-color:#000;width:298px;margin:0px;padding:0px;"> 	   <option value="none">::::::::::::: Choose Your Song Here :::::::::::::</option>	   <option value="http://urltosong1playlist.m3u">Playlist 1</option>	   <option value="C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\Docs\Install.m3u">Install.m3u</option>	   <option value="http://urltosong3playlist.m3u">Playlist 3</option>	   <option value="http://urltosong4playlist.m3u">Playlist 4</option>	   <option value="http://urltosong5playlist.m3u">Playlist 5</option>		   <option value="http://urltosong5playlist.m3u">Playlist 3435</option>		</select>	<input type="file" id="DateiFaenger" onchange="song( this.id )" STYLE="position: absolute; top:22px;right: 0%;width:298px;margin:0px;padding:0px;"></div>	<div id="music1" STYLE="position: absolute; top:41px;right: 0%;">	<embed type="application/x-mplayer2" id="music1"		pluginspage="http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/MediaPlayer/" 		src="" 		name="MediaPlayer1" 		width="300"		height="50"		controltype="2" 		showcontrols="1"		showstatusbar="1"		AutoStart="0"></embed></div>
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