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Wrote .img (Image file) to wrong drive - how to recover it now?


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It's interesting though that lately using the drive on Ubuntu still lead to a recognition of the fat-partition as it showed the distro name and the partition type. Plugging the drive in again it started to work fine with ntfs.


JFYI, it is entirely possible that your MBR still contains (with overlapping addresses) both the entry for the FAT partition (the original .iso must have been a hybrid boot .iso) and the entry for the NTFS partition.

Windows will not "see" a partition entry with partition ID 00, while Linux is likely to see it normally (the two OS have a different way to interpret partition ID, windows sees it as a "protective ID" and won't consider anything that is not 01,04,05,06,07,0b,0c,0e,0f or "+10", i.e. "hidden" variants or the "new" 27) while Linux will anyway attempt to interpret the volume filesystem, a now common trick to boot some Linux .iso's (not necessarily hybrid) is to create an entry for their extent in the MBR with a partition ID of 00



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