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2000SP4EXT.zip and other such files


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I am trying to find and download the 2000SP4EXT.zip but am not able to due to the hfslip.org site no longer being up.

Where can I find this file, as well as the other files once hosted on the hfslip.org site.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for replying, however none of those links you gave me worked.

The first one gave the following error:


http://hfslip.org/files/X/2000SP4EXT.zip | 5:33:27 May 28, 2011

Got an HTTP 302 response at crawl time

Redirecting to...


The second one was a landing page that gave links to auto insurance, school degrees, etc.

The third one had no links to any files, just HFSLIP info. (I have search this site before)

The fourth one, which is from the site in ITEM 3, has dead links (I have tried this page before). When you click on the links you get the same landing page as in ITEM 2.

So again, where can I currently get this file?

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Sh*t happens :( I thought that Mim0 had mirrored the files too), unfortunately:


Please consider that I didn't fixed all download-links in the following pages.

Let's wait and see if someone has the file and can upload it.

It is possible that some of the thingies tomasz86 made in the meantime make that "extra" unneeded/outdated, though: :unsure:



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My old copy of 2000sp4.EXT, dated 2006-06-27, just contains the following: (It's just a text file renamed with the .EXT extension)


Please keep in mind that I haven't used this file in YEARS, and I no longer remember anything at all about it, so do what you will with it.

Cheers and Regarads

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