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Trouble restarting LGA1150 board


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I have a build here that's being really odd.

The concerned components are a Gigabyte GA-Z87-D3HP motherboard with an i3-4130 on it.

Windows 7 is installed and running flawlessly. I've burn tested (prime95, fur mark, etc...) the heck out of it for a few consecutive days now, and not a single error, lag, bluescreen, or otherwise.

The problem I have is that I can cold start the computer, I can shut down the computer, but I cannot restart. If I attempt to restart, Windows shuts down, then I get a black screen, and it just hangs there indefinately. If I hold the power button to force it to shutdown, then cold start it again, it starts as if it had expected to continue its restart. No errors, no bluescreen.

Its almost as if Windows is sending the command to restart to the motherboard and the motherboard is just ignoring it. Windows having done its part no longer exists, hence the dead black screen. That's what I can tell anyway.

Has anyone experienced this? Anyone have an idea? Maybe I need a Microsoft hotfix? Or maybe I just need to sit it out and wait for Gigabyte to release a BIOS update?

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I´ve never had it with motherboard but do with video cards that show a messed up the screen; they show lines on the screen after a hot-start. Problem with the video cards were, that they don't "forget" the status they were in, like some capacitor isn't releasing it's voltage when it should, leaving a mess in the memory.

I guess you already swapped PSU, RAM, SSD and CPU, played with the BIOS and disabled turbo-mode of the CPU as well? CPU is new so it might be, like Ponch said, that there is a BIOS update needed, but you already know that ;).

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It nows seems that it would be a video card issue. I had only a single monitor plugged in when I was building it at the office, but when I delivered it to the customer, there were 3 screens installed. At the customer's location, the issue did not occur. The mysteries of technology sometimes.

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