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Windows 7 UA hangs on the device driver


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Hi, i have usually installed my unattended windows 7 well, but now in the last 4 pc of my friends, it asks for a driver and tells me: it does not find any device driver for cd /dvd...
i will explain how i have made my unattended windows 7 (drives). I slipstream 3 drivers (chipset, massstorage, lan) in the image install.wim and the other drivers during setupcomplete.cmd (Runonceex)
I want, instead to add the controller (which i think is AHCI SATA RAID) manually, i would like to siplstream it and in which image, in order to do it unatended?

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Use an "F6 floppy" :w00t:

No it doesn't need anymore to be a floppy, it can well be a USB stick - or a second cd/dvd:


and no, you do not actually press F6 anymore ;), you click on "Load Driver" at the screen where you choose the destination drive for the install.

BUT, the issue here may be a misleading error, see:


It seems like the Windows 7 built-in drivers can have some issues (on particular motherboard) and still the WIndows 7 pretends to have the right drivers and that the (right) ones you provide are "not compatible".


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