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One thing I have noticed with the latest build is the "hide user account picture" needs to be checked otherwise you end up with a large space at the top of the places list, this is a setting that is normally controlled by the msstyles User Pane > UserPicture


I guess it's not a big problem as it's easily fixed with your settings, it was just something I noticed, I didn't notice anything wrong in the last 1.7.5 beta build it seems to of only happened in the last final release, so maybe it's something you could easily address.





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I have the same problem as gsilvap. Even typing 'windows update' will not show it in the search results. If I click on 'See more results' it displays a list of files with the words 'windows' or 'update' in them but not Windows Update itself.

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Hello Tihiy,

I'm trying to understand the cases where this error occurs, but sometimes search give me different results for the same word.

Some screenshots below:




If you need some more tests, feel free to contact me...

Thanks for your good work!!!

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Those who are having trouble with setting search - which results you get with 8.1 search pane?


Typing 'update' in 'modern' search (Win+S) will show Windows Update.

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