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Best program to create Windows 7 installation USB?


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I have 8GB USB on which i have Windows XP. Can i add Windows 7 on it or it is better to use another USB only for Windows 7?

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The easiest way is to deploy the Windows 7 install DVD .iso image using i.e. 7-Zip into a previously 4 GB (at least) FAT32 formatted pendrive to build an install Flash Pendrive.
You may do the same for any other Microsoft OS, using of course always a different pendrive for each version.

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Guess which is the "theme" of a forum section called "Install Windows from USB"? :unsure:




I see that you already use/used WinsetupFromUSB:


Any reason why you did not read the FIRST post on the thread?


The limit of the tool is about Multiple Vista :ph34r: / 7 / 2008 on the same partition.

You can have multiple XP and a Single Vista :ph34r: / 7 / 2008 on a single partition alright.

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I have used WinSetupFromUSB before, but i can say that this tool is for advanced user.

I just wanted to know what other good programs are out there.

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Easy2Boot allows you to have any number of Windows install ISO (from XP to Win8/Server 2012) - just copy the ISOs over and boot.

If you are using a USB HDD you also need to connect a small 'helper' auxilliary flash drive too for Vista/7/8 installs.

Easy2Boot will also boot most linux LiveCD ISOs - just copy them on.

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First thing. When you are installing this Decline all the crap he added on. Yeah I know some need to try and make money but I don't need any of the junk toolbars and stuff.

The best = SARDU but I label that as junk ware. Installs a bunch of junk you don't want. even if I decline it puts folders

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Create a bootable Windows 7 USB drive

Launch the DiskPart utility from a CMD prompt: diskpart

Find the USB drive: list disk

Add Number of your USB drive: select disk ?

Remove all partitions: clean

Create bootable partition: create partition primary

Make it Active: active

Format It: format fs=ntfs quick

Give the USB drive a drive letter: assign

Done with diskpart: exit

Copy everything from your Windows 7 installation media to a folder on your hard drive. Then copy the contents of that folder onto the USB key.
You don't need a boot sector on a usb drive. That's all there is is to it, simple and free.

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