Before I attempt another move back to win2000, I was wanting to know everyone's experiences security wise-I plan to use zone alarm 7 (the last version compatible with win2000), clamwin (set to scan daily-it also seems to catch things even other antiviruses don't at times), spybot/malawarebytes (I run one or the other at least once a week) as well as attempt to use avast free antivirus if it works, if not AVG 9, basically a similar setup to what I have now with win 7 premium/XP installs. I haven't problems with that kind of setup, and since I'm going to use the UURollup patch, I'll be able to use the current versions of Firefox and Seamonkey like I do now. With that kind of setup, do I have any significantly more risk doing normal surfing that I would with my current OS? Right now I mainly do things like check e-mail, check out my favorite gaming sites (no problems there) and perhaps an occasional purchace from ebay/amazon, I'm on dialup so my computer doesn't stay constantly online all the time so do I really have anything to worry about provided I don't go off the beaten track? Just curious?