Hello, I came from the Roll up page link > to > here if i had any issues with the roll ups and loading Firefox Setup 16.0.2 into Windows 2000 Professional. Every time i drag Firefox Setup 16.0.2 into the DOS shell Application Compatibility Launcher i get the same errors inclusive to a Intel 32 file which Norton finds and cannot access for repair , i`m not sure what that is (Install shield?) inclusive to the second command line ystem cannot find the file :\ Firefox Setup 16.0.2 loads fine , but when it tries to boot itself up it crashes or fails and creates the Log File shown in the picture i posted. Even after i restart the computer. When i pull everything out and load Firefox Setup 12.0 back in it works fine, however it seems that Firefox Setup 16.0.2 leaves behind it`s GUI shell and merges with Firefox 12.0. The same File logs are created loading onto Firefox 12.0 and without it.installed , and so i`m confused and not sure what is going on ? one last comment on the Application Compatibility Launcher ,as far as saving files 1.Yes. or 2. No. i`m not so sure as how critical of what it needs , but i do not know how to do that? I just typed in an " N and enter" I`m learning as i go. The other thing that i noticed was when i open any existing Word pad files that there is a lot of hex writing on them above and below what i already had on there, fortunately i am sitting on a fresh fdisk, format and boot without anything but Win2K , bare bones. I believe that i followed all the roll up page procedures correctly including restarting after loading an application even reloading SP4 and Rollup 1 Thanks-in advance for all your help!! Service Pack 4 and Update Roll up 1 W2KSP4_EN Windows2000-Rollup 1 KB891861-v2-x86-ENU Windows Installer -KB893803-v2-x86 Update Roll up 2 (UR2) Windows2000-UpdateRollup2-x86-ENU Windows2000-UURollup-v10d-x86-ENU Win2000 Flash Firefox Setup 12.0 Firefox Setup 16.0.2