Hi everyone. Usbmuitiboot_10 is good but I want to edit USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd file to a small batch file, only use to copy xp sources and making $WIN_NT$.~BT Folder. I use this code to making $WIN_NT$.~BT Folder ( I copied from USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd file) @echo off SET cpyflag=0 FOR /F "tokens=1,2,3* delims=, " %%G IN (H:\I386\DOSNET.INF) DO ( SET FTAG=%%G SET FTAG=!FTAG:~0,13! IF "!FTAG!"=="[FloppyFiles." ( SET cpyflag=1 IF "%%G"=="[FloppyFiles.x]" SET cpyflag=0 ) ELSE ( SET