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Batch script to install Updates Takes Forever!

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'll need to disable AVAST to see if this cuts down on my 2 hours on 2ghz machine to integrate 132 w7 x32 patches. Don't forget to disable the auto defragger running in the background too.

If one is creating an AIO, there are 5 OS' at 2 hours a pop to integrate... Sigh!!!

Can dism integrated MSI's vs. just exes?

What about dot Net full/patches, windows media player full/patcches, messenger/communicator etc?

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DISM can install only .cab files (Example: extracted .exe like Internet Explorer 10), .msu files, and .inf files (example: Driver files extracted). Microsoft System Installer system .msi files must be installed online by using OCSetup


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For Clean Installs, I've created an AIO Thumbdrive that has WIndows 7 x86, x46, and Server 2008 R2 which has all current updates already slipstreamed into the AIO WIM.

For systems with Windows already installed I have a folder with updates where I can just run a batch file to process the updates manually.

For NET Framework updates I keep a separate folder with those updates and process those via batch file as well.

Dam PITA Updates :wacko:

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