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WinReducer 8 - v0.52 (alpha) has been released !

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Hello all,

WinReducer 8 – v0.52 (2013.06.26) - Changelog :


Improve "Theme Packs" support (Animated cursors for all cursors)

ISO tab “WIM Creation” (Add wim splitting option)


“Control Panel - System - Remove Activation Link”


“Themes - Lockscreen – Pictures” (Improve cleaning)


“WinReducer Theme Packs” (Text cursor didn’t apply correctly)

“Presets – WCCF Restore” (Unattended Autologon didn’t work correctly)

“Appearance – Lockscreen” (Lockscreen didn’t apply correctly)

User Account Control “UAC” link, in “User Account Control Panel”, didn’t work correctly

“Unattended – User or Administrator Password” (Didn’t work correctly)

WinReducer 8 – v0.51 (2013.06.23) - Changelog :


Improve error messages

Improve Theme Pack preview window

Add "Download Theme Packs" link

Improve "Theme Packs" support (add arrow and link animated cursors)


“Presets - Protect MetroUI Apps”


ISO Creation didn’t show message, if an ISO with the same name already existed

“Service – Smart Card” (Many installation software didn’t work)

“Service – Windows Store” (MetroUI Apps didn’t work)

“Service - Windows Update” (Language CPL didn’t work)

WinReducer 8 – v0.50 (2013.06.15) - Changelog :


New “Updates Download Tool” with monthly updates

New “Cancel” button in Options page

New Standalone Tools icons in splash screen

New “Customization – Appearance” tabs

New “Presets” appearance tab

New “WinReducer Packs” (Abstract, Default, Flower, Official and Space)

New “WinReducer Packs” preview

New “WinReducer Packs” embedded cursors (except Default Pack)

Improve Windows Updates integration


“Accessories - Diagnostics Troubleshooting Control Panel”

“Accessories - Time and Date”

“Accessories - Spell Checking”

“Accessories - Windows Contacts”

“Accessories - Windows Mail”

“Drivers - Bluetooth Support”

“Drivers - IEEE 1667 Support”

“Drivers - iSCSI Support”

“Drivers - Network - Wireless – Realtek”

“Drivers - Processor - AMD”

“Drivers - SmartCard Support”

“Drivers - SCSI Support”

“Drivers - Storage - Adaptec RAID Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - Adaptec SCSI Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - AMD RAID Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - AMD Sata Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - IBM RAID Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - LSI RAID Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - LSI SAS Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - LSI SCSI Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - LSI Solid State Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - Nvidia RAID Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - Promise SuperTrak SAS and SATA RAID Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - SIS RAID Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - SIS SATA Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - VIA IDE Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - VIA RAID Controller”

“Drivers - Storage - VIA StorX RAID Controller”

“Multimedia – Codec - Indeo5”

“Multimedia – Codec - Windows Media Audio (WMA)”

“Multimedia – Codec - Windows Media Video (WMV)”

“Multimedia – DirectX Diagnostic Tool”

“Multimedia – Photo Viewer”

“Services - BitLocker Drive Encryption”

“Services - Block Level Backup”

“Services - Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)”

“Services - Microsoft iSCSI Initiator”

“Services - Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup”

“Services - Smart Card”

“Services - SSDP Discovery”

“Services – Time”

“Services – UPnP Device Host”

“Services - Windows Firewall”

“Services - Windows Store”

“Services - Windows Update”

“Services - WLAN AutoConfig”

“Services - WWAN AutoConfig”

“Multimedia - MIDI Support”

“Customization – Appearance - Mouse Sensitivity”

“Customization – Services – Windows Update”


Improve Components Removing speed by 5%

Improve “Boot.wim” cleaning process

“Presets – Vmware Player – v5.x.x” (Protect “Drivers - LSI SAS Storage Controller”)

Add help messages for all “Presets”

Desactivate “Presets” if necessary components have been previously removed

“Accessories – Tablet PC (Engine)” (Improve tips)

“Drivers” (Improve components order)

“Drivers - Firewire” (Improve cleaning)

“Drivers - Hyper-V - Network” (Improve cleaning)

“Drivers - Modem Support” (Improve cleaning)

“Languages - Chinese (Simplified)” (Improve cleaning)

“Languages - Chinese (Traditional)” (Improve cleaning)

“Languages - Japanese” (Improve cleaning)

“Languages - Korean” (Improve cleaning)

“Multimedia – Speech” (Improve cleaning)

“Multimedia – Windows Media Player” (Improve cleaning)

“Network - Internet Explorer (GUI)” (Improve cleaning)

“Tweaks – Explorer – Disable User Tracking” (Change name for “Tweaks – Explorer - Disable Recently Opened Programs List”)

“Services - Fax” (Improve cleaning)

“Services – Remote Access” (Improve cleaning)

“Tweaks - Logon - Disable first Sign-In animation” (Improve cleaning)

“Tweaks – System – Boot directly to Desktop” (Remove old deprecated method)


Improve “Control Panels” names to avoid troubles with all “Services” components

WinReducer WPI shouldn’t start under certain circumstances during Windows Installation

More Informations here => Website


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