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nLite crashes

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Last Session.ini


I've been trying to make a Windows XP Pro x64 install disk. All I want is to slipstream in SP2, make some minor changes and make it unattended.

Initially I added some hotfixes and drivers as well, but as soon as nLite started crashing I dropped that and tried to make it as simple as possible. However, no matter how simple I make the setup, it still crashes! There is no error message, just the regular "report to microsoft" one. I'm using a VM environment of the same source, with only .NET 2.0 and nLite installed. My. Last Session file should be attached.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you very much.



I've managed to create a new .iso after only integrating SP2. After that, the program kept crashing in the same way after I tried to integrate hotfixes, drivers and tried to make it unattended. I even tried them all in individual sessions. I finally managed to get a new .iso, but I still am not able to add drivers or hotfixes, or even add themes and such.

It just seems completely random.

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