Hi everyone, I know this sounds like a bit of a strange request, but I was wondering if it may be possible to get two machines to communicate/network over their modems while being directly connected with a standard RJ-11 phone cable? My reasons are fairly simple (albeit convoluted): To get a very old machine (with no ethernet port, and a crappy wireless card) to share my internet connection with a laptop, which just so happens to have a built in modem. That laptop is then wirelessly connected to my home network. I'm sure some of you are screaming "Do something else! Buy a network card!" But alas, I am cheap, and I think it would be cool to actually get this to work. I realize that connecting two computers with an ethernet cable may not be exactly the same as connecting two computer's modems, but I feel that since networking can be done over a modem, then why not to another modem? I'm just hoping that there may be some super hidden but really cool trick/hardware that allows for this. Either something that emulates the handshake occurring between a machine and an ISP when a dialup session is established (virtual phone network, anyone?), or some way that can somehow establish a serial connection over the modems. Thank you for any help!