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Start Is Back - 2.1 release


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Just thought I had to stop by and say a word or two... You do an AMAZING job honestly, I had installed Windows 7 on my pc and had no intention to reinstall Windows 8 until I found your Ex7forW8 (which I am using at the moment), I had tried other apps such as Classic Shell or Start8 but seriously this is the only clean and efficient working solution for the moment :)

I'm really looking forward to Start Is Back, although I'm a little disappointed it won't be freeware, but I guess if the price is reasonable I will buy it then ;)

If you need help in any way (especially regarding the website for example as I am an experienced Php developer) let me know I'll be glad to help, but anyway keep up the good work mate ;)

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resize it yourself to ~54x162 if you want.

this doesn't work. I get a message that it is no valid orb. Here is the orb I use in Win7:



Works think it may have to be resized to


EDIT..... never mind, i know i'm quick!!!


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