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WIninstall LE and Shortcuts

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I am using Wininstall LE to create an MSI file to deploy an application to a large number of users. I use the discover tool and create a before snapshot, then I install the application and create the after snapshot. Once that is done I go into the WIninstall LE software and do a compress on the package to make it an installer. After the compress i recieve the following warning...

"warning: this package contains one or more shortcuts destined for common folders - consider installing per-machine or using the allusers property."

the package works in the fact that it installs the application and I can run it if i launch the .exe file in the program files/app folder

However it does not create a shortcut in all users. Even though the shortcut is in all uses after the application is installed and during the after snapshot.

Any thoughts on what I can do to get the installer to place the shortcut so it is usable...

Additionally, even though I select install for everyone, the application does not show up in the programs lnstalled using the new pckage.

Any assistance would be appreciated..

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