Alright, Im trying to install windows 2000 on one of my computers. On my 2 laptops, I go to install, and setup gets stuck on "Setup is installing windows 2000" and sit there endlessly. On my Desktop, it would bluescreen somewhere near the beginning of the instilation (Before the "Setup is starting windows 2k") so I toyed around with the Bios and changed AHCI to IDE, and it gets to the format screen, it looks like its formatting fine, but when it gets to 100% i get "Setup was unable to format your drive. It may be damaged", which I know its not, because I have Windows 7 installed on it, and it runs fine. Is there anything else I need to change, or any speical drivers I need to get it past either of those points? Thanks! Laptop specs: Toshiba satellite, Athlon x2 2.0ghz (32bit) 3gb ram. Laptop2: Lenovo z565, Phenom x2 3.0ghz 6gb ram (Ill reduce it since 2k cant handle that) Desktop HP Pavillion 2.8ghz athlon x2, 8gb ram (Ill do the same with this) Thanks!