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still no partition on Seagate after successful unbrick


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hi Jaclaz,

so, I'm extracted all the extents from the faulty hard drive (with errors of course).

I'm trying to inject them in a new file using:

fsz c:\newfile.pds 548864


dsfi c:\newfile.pds 0 0 extent1.dd


dsi c:\newfile.pds 8192 0 extent2.dd

and I receive the error:

c:\newfile.pds: no data available

any idea what's wrong ? :}

thanks again !

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There is seemingly nothing wrong (there is a typo with dsi instead of dsfi, but this is most probably just in the post).

You shouldn't however work on root.

Make a directory, say C:\recwork

Copy to it fsz, dsfo, dsfi and the files extendn.dd.

Open a command prompt and run in it again those commands , then run:

DIR C:\recwork\*.dd>C:\recwork\dir.txt
DIR C:\recwork\*.pds>>C:\recwork\dir.txt

post the dir.txt contents, maybe there is an issue with size of files? :unsure:


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sorry, after making the command you asked me, I've seen that extent2 and 3 were at "0" size ! :whistle:

unfortunatly, I've merged all the extents and I have as a result, a beautiful file, full of "0xFF" values only !!

I've also opened all the extracted extents, it's the same, 0xFF everywhere .... :(

so, I guess I can leave this file alone , and I will try on another one

thanks again

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