hi, My 500Gb Seagate 7200.11 had the famous bug of BSY state, it wasn't seen in BIOS. I have successfully made the unbrick trick with serial cable, hyper terminal and so on. Now the drive is seen in the BIOS (and with the right size). But Windows see a RAW partition on it. I've tried easus recovery, it has seen all my files, but any restore of any file results in an unreadable file. (nothing was writen on the faulty disk at the moment) I've tried testdisk, it has seen the partition, I have made "WRITE PARTITION TABLE" to the faulty disk, and reboot. same thing under windows. so now, what can I do ? I attach the HDHACKER first sector of logical drive and first sector of physical drive, if this can help. thanks a lot for your help HDHACKER.zip