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KB913086-201208 Includes Windows 2000 Hotfix


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We can get MS12-52 for Windows 2000

Download: August 2012 Security Release ISO Image - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

I don't know why it was included in it.

For IE5SP4

browseui dll 792,848 2012/07/02 5.00.3900.7493

danim dll 1,134,352 2007/12/10 6.01.0009.0729

dxtmsft dll 325,904 2012/06/29 6.01.0009.0729

iepeers dll 100,112 2012/07/02 5.00.3900.7493

inseng dll 74,000 2012/07/02 5.00.3900.7493

jsproxy dll 13,584 2012/06/29 5.00.3900.7493

mshtml dll 2,307,344 2012/07/02 5.00.3900.7493

mshtmled dll 234,256 2012/07/02 5.00.3900.7493

msrating dll 149,776 2012/07/02 5.00.3900.7493

pngfilt dll 48,912 2012/06/29 5.00.3900.7493

shdocvw dll 1,115,920 2012/07/02 5.00.3900.7493

shlwapi dll 282,896 2012/07/02 5.00.3900.7493

tdc ocx 66,832 2012/06/29 1.03.0000.2704

url dll 84,240 2012/07/02 5.51.3900.7493

urlmon dll 434,960 2012/07/02 5.00.3900.7493

wininet dll 451,856 2012/07/02 5.00.3900.7493

For IE6SP1

browseui dll 1,018,368 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.2024

cdfview dll 143,360 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.2024

danim dll 1,054,208 2012/08/17 6.03.0001.0148

dxtmsft dll 351,744 2012/08/17 6.03.2800.1687

dxtrans dll 192,512 2012/08/17 6.03.2800.1687

iepeers dll 236,544 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.1687

inseng dll 69,632 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.1687

jsproxy dll 12,288 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.1687

mshtml dll 2,723,840 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.1687

mshtmled dll 435,200 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.1687

msrating dll 132,096 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.2024

mstime dll 498,176 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.1687

pngfilt dll 38,912 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.1687

shdocvw dll 1,352,192 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.2024

shlwapi dll 402,944 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.2024

tdc ocx 56,832 2012/08/17 1.03.0000.3131

urlmon dll 473,088 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.1687

wininet dll 587,776 2012/08/17 6.00.2800.1687

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The IE Cumulative Update for Windows 2000 was included in Windows-KB913086-201206.iso too!



Now it doesn't matter any more because it was replaced by KB2722913 but still it's a proof that M$ keeps preparing Win2k updates.

Edit: IE CU was also included in Windows-KB913086-201204.iso:



Edited by tomasz86
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One more update in Windows-KB913086-201109.iso:


This is a registry only update. The following key is removed from the registry:

HKLM, "SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{42071714-76d4-11d1-8b24-00a0c9068ff3}"

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Here you are. Use the second link :) This is a temporary URL.

Thanks. I installed KB2722913 for IE6 SP1 from your website. However, I noticed these notes about it on bristols website:

"Replaces 896156 (IE6), 982381 (IE6), and the unofficial 2416400 (IE6) and 2467659 (IE6). ISO also contains this update for 23 other languages".

I have noticed that I have KB982381 already installed on my PC. Do I need to unistall that old one or doesn't it matter?

By the way, when reviewing my installed updates on Microsoft Update, it only shows me the old updates- not the new installation of KB2722913.

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It's safer not to uninstall the older one, especially if it was installed long time ago. Moreover, if you've already installed the new one then you must not uninstall the older one because doing so will break the OS :ph34r: so you did the right thing.

These updates were probably included in the ISOs by "mistake" and I don't think there will be any new Win2k updates available on WU. In fact, I don't even know if WU still works properly after M$ has removed several updates recently.

Edited by tomasz86
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