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[RunOnceEx] Team Viewer 8.0.17396


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(Non-Commercial Freeware)

TeamViewer is the All-In-One Solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet.

TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds.

You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.


control computers remotely via the internet,

record your session and covert it to AVI,

online meetings,

Drag & Drop files,

Multi-Monitor support.

Addon tested on XP 32-bit VM only

Default installation will delete desktop shortcut (via -ai switch).

If you wish to keep desktop shortcut, pls run without -ai6 switch.



Size: 5.98 Mb (6,269,754 bytes)

MD5: 24E26027809055600755A44E4618392C

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Thx again, Geej!

Side note - I had used TeamViewer some time ago to assist my Cuz in Fla with a hardware issue. I believe I used my XP for it but once I tried it on a Server to help my Bro in Ky, it kept kicking me out (detected Server) so it won't work on a Server - Period! Worse, my IP was apparently "logged" and trying to use the XP also kicked me out. Notice that it's not a DIRECT connection and goes through THEIR "cloud". JFYI...

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Maybe the Free version is "for home and non-commercial use" and the software is 'smart' enough to detect server version is not home use? So it won't work. Just my guess.

Nevertheless, JFI, Teamviewer has free mobile apps for IOS/Android phone user to enable them to have a remote session even while on the move.

I have the free app installed on my iphone 3GS. Overall, it's a user-friendly and simple way to 'remote desktop session' approach.

Simple for me and the other party to get connected. Just install Teamviwer and only need to input ip address, both are connected. :)

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Yes, true. However, as I said even after switching to XP at that time it STILL "dropped" (and this was on CABLE) so my belief is since it works through the "cloud" that

1 - IP is Logged for "cloud" interface (pass-through) between PC's

2 - If Server, "drop"

3 - If Same IP (assumes STILL SERVER), "drop"

I even used the "Portable" one in both cases. Once your IP is logged as a Server, you're gone.

Advice - do NOT EVER fire it up on a Server, even if it's Home Use as it does NOT matter. Apparently they see "server" as NOT a Home User (even if that's what you use it for). Strange that any PC that Serves a Website wouldn't be considered a Server. Again, this is NOT a "Direct Connect" but you DO go through THEIR "Pass-Through"...

You <-> Them <-> Remote

Just be aware and enjoy. It is a nice tool (better than RDC and easier/safer to setup/use).

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