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Unattended windows 8 sever installation.

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Unattended windows 8 installation, is failing with error " windows cannot read the <productkey> setting from the unattend answer file" on a physical server installation.

Any pointers on how to so solve it.

thanks in advance..

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Your XML seems strange. Why do you have multiple Reseal objects? You seem to have 3 Microsoft-Windows-Deployment components specified at the end of the file. Do you really need all of those? There are also a few components that have no objects in them.

I would guess (hopefully) that you have redacted parts of the XML to keep in confidence.

A quick look: InputLocal has the wrong data. Should be 0409:00000409 and not en-US.

There are many changes between Server 2008 RTM and Server 2012 Beta. Have you validated this answer file against a Server 2012 catalog in WSIM? I see that some people encounter this error (mostly in VMWare) when a deprecated setting is present.

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