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Unofficial SP 5.2 for Microsoft Windows 2000 (WIP)

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this thread hasn't been bumped in a while but i had to ask questions somewhere. i've been experimenting a lot the last few days on windows 2000 sp4 and i've removed / added updates back and forth. i still do not have the ability to install and use newer programs on windows 2000. i have the latest kernel or one of the newest, extended kernel v29b. i noticed in earlier threads of people saying using an application compatibility launcher, however, this is nowhere to be found. 

i remember a while back when i kept the old build files i had and i did have that application compatibility launcher thing but i do not remember what exact unofficial updates i installed. i understand hfslip is supposed to be the "newest" or "best", however, i find it not practical / confusing, and  i would rather accomplish what i need to do differently. i realized there were many updates released unofficially, there was some unofficial sp 5.1 from majorgeeks posted, another unofficial update rollup 2 i found on google, update rollup or "uurollup". 

i noticed in one thread, someone mentioned installing unofficial service pack 5.1 and update rollup v11, mentioning using the application compatibility launcher, so either it was installed by the usp 5.1 or update rollup v11. so i was wondering why i don't have the application compatibility launcher thing if the extended kernel is supposed to be a newer and better version of the update rollup, unless it's somewhere in the folders i can't find? or do i need the usp 5.1 and / or update rollup latest version? however, i don't even know where to go to download the newest unofficial update rollup and the usp 5.1 is too large in file size.  

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