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Windows OS nostalgia

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Today I installed windows classic sound schemes for Windows XP. I got it because I was geting bored of the Windows XP sound scheme. I tend to use the Windows 2000 one because it's nicer. Though I listened to the Windows 98 start up sound and I felt so sad, I could never use that one. Windows 95 gave me warm feelings of nostalgia, though it was sort of sickening. Windows 3.1.... well I had no idea that had sounds and I never used Windows 3.1 anyways.

So what do you think? Do Windows OS you used many years ago make you nostalgic?

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Its too bad it is impossible to totally recreate the original experience of an older Windows OS. For example say I'd want to run Windows 95, I couldn't connect to Prodigy using their old software and surfing those old websites. One day I'll try out Microsoft Bob again, and maybe try to hunt down all those old games I used to play, like Corncob 3D and Fury 3.

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When reminded of editing autoexec.bat and config.sys I think mainly of gaming under MS-DOS. I wiped out the mostly useless (to me) Win 3.11 on one PC to fit more games on the hard drive. Those were the days.

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I loved Win 3.11 for workgroups ....

Anyone remember the "real thing" (at the time) i.e. Win 3.11 for workgroup+Norton Desktop?


The above is version 1.0, the 2.0 was better, some screenshots can be found here:


(and yes, it sported a great RPN calculator, besides a very handy "Tape" one):




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Yes, definitely. I'm an avid fan of Windows 98 and Windows 2000. I'm currently using Windows 2000 right now and I love it much better than the new (out of respect, I'll say stuff) stuff Microsoft came out with. Personally, I feel Vista and 7 are way too bloated for their own good and what extras do you really get out of it that you wouldn't with Windows 98? I'm not really counting WMC or WMM, but I'm saying what does the computer do differently now than it did long ago? And personally, I think Aero is just plain boring. Windows 7 is way up there in boring imo. I just love good old fast Windows 2000, the OS you can use on a fast computer, click on something and it pops up instantly. <3

And the new Windows flags starting with XP and above? Forget about it! The original classic logo was the best.

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A complete old computer does bring back memories of events, unrelated to electronics, that occurred around that or a similar machine. I recently set up Win95 to satisfy my curiosity, and it was the old custom wallpaper that finished the picture and made me pause for a while.

those old and low deep-rate colors icons from Windows 95

Not sure what you mean by deep-rate. Win95 had 16-color icons. I am, however, using WinXP SP1 with Windows 98 icons. Detailed listings are much more usable, with 16*16 icons readily distinguishable. I tried to make a patch for SP2, but it has way too many new functions for which a suitable icon doesn't exist.

click on something and it pops up instantly

+1. I get accustomed to this speed and can't settle with less.

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