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Excel, compare data using formula


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I have 2 work sheet both contains.

Client No., Name and Balance

These both sheets should have same data.


Customer Name of a client no. and his/her balance in sheet 2 should be same as in sheet 1.

But some of Customer Name is not match with his actual client no. or balance.

So I need some how to check if the "CLIENT NO, CUSTOMER NAME AND BALANCE" in sheet 1 is same with sheet 2 or not by comparing both sheets and separate rows, who's client no. or customer name or balance of sheet 2 is not matching with data from sheet1.

if you people need spread sheet, then i'll post it too.

please help me to find the mismatch,

I have to check aprox. 4000 clients. so it's quiet difficult for me

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It mostly depends on the condition if UNIQUENESS of the fields.

I mean, if you have in Sheet #2 Client# listed ONLY ONCE (and/or Client Name listed ONLY ONCE) it would be easier, as you can do a VLOOKUP of sheet#2 on the right of the data you have on sheet #1.

If there are multiple instances of Client# or Client Name on sheet#2 things may get more complex.


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